LG Manual Details Piracy…


LG may well find itself in some trouble with studios after its user manuals were found to contain details of how to watch illegally downloaded material on LG’s hardware.

Seems like a bit of a misstep...

The whole kafuffle stems from the release of a line of HDTV’s from LG that boast USB ports, allowing users to plug external storage directly into their displays and watch any content that they’ve got stored on those drives directly on their LG TV. Of course, the assumption might be that such content has been legally obtained, but LG’s own manual doesn’t seem too fussy, showing pirated content in its diagrams of the functionality.

Indeed, as the folks over at TorrentFreak are quick to point out, one single image contains pirated copies of The Aviator, Apple and The Incredibles. As the TorrentFreak article continues to point out, it seems as though LG knows very well what some of its customers will be using its USB mass storage functionality for, though it seems as though it could well get the company into some fairly serious trouble with copyright holders, who will likely be understandably upset by the fact that LG seems to advocate piracy in its own manuals.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting to see that something like this wasn’t checked internally before it made it out into the wide world. We’ll be curious to see if, and how, LG responds to the news, though we’d imagine that it’s having the effect of sending an awful lot of people who might otherwise have been ambiguous when it came to LG’s HDTV offerings off researching the capabilities of the devices when it comes to playing illegally downloaded material.


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One Response to “LG Manual Details Piracy…”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    LoL, SOLD! Buying one of those… LG are awesome!

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