We’ve Moved to KomplettBlog.ie


Hey folks,

Well it’s day four of the new blog and hopefully we’ve gotten most of you to migrate over towards http://www.komplettblog.ie/ for that is our new home. After a good bit of work since returning from the Christmas break, we launched on Monday and have had a great reaction thus far.

We’ve got a cool new top stories box that, along with the new layout, will help you catch up with all the day’s best stories straight away.

There are also new sections for our various regular pieces like the Review of the Reviews and our How To articles, while over the coming weeks and months we’ll be getting in as much home-grown Irish content as possible, starting in fact with a piece later today on a very nifty touchscreen project at the National Library on Kildare St.

Which reminds me, I best get cracking on that.

Again, thanks for all who visited us here on our old WordPress home but the future’s bright, the future’s http://www.komplettblog.ie/ … and if you can get over how cheesy that sounds I’ll see you over there soon.

Cheers, JJ




2 Responses to “We’ve Moved to KomplettBlog.ie”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Thanks it’s been fun but I’m going to remain here! XD

  2. jjkomplett Says:

    Why I oughta!!!

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