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Office 2010 Starter Detailed

November 27, 2009

Microsoft’s beta for its upcoming free office suit, Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, which is set to effectively replace Microsoft Works, has started up. Testers are starting to talk a bit about what we can expect to see from Office 2010 Starter, and it’s interesting news.

According to the All About Microsoft blog, there are a fair few ways that Microsoft is going to be pushing people towards upgrading from Office 2010 Starter towards a for-pay version of the software, and some are a little more compelling than the advertising. For those not in the know, Office 2010 is free at the point of use, but ad-supported.

Aside from the need to get away from the ads though, it seems Microsoft has given users plenty of reason to want to gravitate away from Office 2010 Starter, not limited to the fact that add-ins and macros aren’t properly supported. Apparently you’ll not be able to create, edit or run macros in Starter, though if a document containing a macro is opened in Starter it’ll remain part of the file.



Facebook to Allow Comments via Email

November 23, 2009

It’s started to look as though Facebook will soon allow its users to comment on other users status updates without the inconvenience of having to actually, y’know, leaving the safety and comfort of their own mail client.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the release of Facebook Lite.

TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook’s latest move has already been rolled out to a very select group of users, having managed to narrow down about four tweets that mention users have noticed that they can already use Facebook’s latest addition. If nothing else, this could well be a godsend for those desperate to keep up to date and in the mix with Facebook from offices where the social networking service has been blocked.


Microsoft Trials Windows 7 as Adspace

November 17, 2009

Microsoft has announced that it is to allow third parties to advertise within Windows 7 itself though the medium of desktop themes and extensions for the company’s browser, Internet Explorer 8.

The new advertising channel won’t be a bundle of in-you-face pop-ups though, for those concerned about completely losing the run of their OS. Instead, users can opt to install a Windows 7 theme made by the manufacturer of whatever their current favourite brand is. It might seem a little uninteresting, but some of the themes are made by companies with a name for design. At the moment, there are some up from Fox, Porsche, Coca-Cola, Infinity, Pepsi and a bundle of Xbox 360 related themes.


See What Data Google Has on You

November 6, 2009

Google has launched a new service called Google Dashboard, which allows users to see all of the data that Google has accrued from its various services about your various habits.


For many, the sheer ubiquity of Google services has long been the scariest thing about the search giant. Google’s combination of targeted ads, Gmail, Google Docs the Chrome browser, alongside ownership of YouTube, has long meant that the company has a hand in, for a lot of us, some very widespread datasets about your habits on the web.


Ireland Leads Twitter Lists Project

November 4, 2009

It seems as though Ireland is at the forefront of one of the most ambitious and perhaps interesting Twitter projects going. The good folks over at SimplyZesty are using Twitter’s new “Lists” functionality to list all of the users from a single country.

twitter logo

It’s amusing, and certainly an interesting project. The folks over at TechCrunch have some of the more interesting details, but it’s well worth noting that the Twitter list they’ve built for Ireland was assembled by hand, a fact likely made easier by the fact that Ireland has so small a population relative to other countries they’re rolling national lists out in.


Microsoft Ditches Family Guy Special

October 27, 2009

Plans for a Microsoft sponsored Family Guy special, originally hoped to boost media exposure for Microsoft’s Windows 7, have been curtailed, with Microsoft pulling out.

It had looked like a scary new world for marketing...

While many had questioned the sense of Microsoft’s decision to sponsor the event, “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show,” it seems that Microsoft itself didn’t reconsider until its staff had a chance to actually sit down and watch some of the show itself. Variety is reporting that the show contained “typical ‘Family Guy’-style jokes, including riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest.”


Apple Patent Reveals Ad-Powered OS

October 22, 2009

A patent application filed by Apple reveals what appear to be embryonic plans for an advertising-led operating system.

Mac os Cougar

Apple is a company that clothes itself in glossy style and elegance, it’s practically made its fortune in the notebook space by making sure that it has some of the best looking equipment going… and Mac OS is certainly part of that. Now though, according to a patent filing noticed by the folks over at Engadget, Steve Jobs himself is listed as the brains behind a patent for “Advertisement in Operating System.” If you think that sounds bad, it does get worse.


Yahoo Cuts Jobs, Profits Rise

October 21, 2009

Yahoo has announced its results for Q3, which saw net income almost triple to reach the $186 million mark, a figure that might well be a touch misleading.

yahoo logo

The BBC is reporting that, despite a 12% drop in revenue to $1.58 billion, Yahoo’s total profit did indeed triple, thanks in no small part to cost cutting measures introduced by CEO, Carol Bartz. It’s well worth noting that Yahoo’s operating expenses were stripped down by $169 million since last year, so the rise in net income to $186 million seems as though it may very well be attributable in large part to those cuts.


Yahoo Relaunches Web Portal

September 23, 2009

Yahoo has been trying to convince people for a while that it’s a lot more than just a search engine. Today it relaunched its web portal, which features the ability to add third parties to the page.

yahoo logo

Yahoo might well have near thirty percent of the search market, but because of its agreement with Microsoft, Bing is the engine going to be doing all of the actual searching, while Yahoo takes care of advertising. That leaves Yahoo in a strange position, and it’s a strange position that Yahoo seems to be capitalising on, relaunching its web portal and investing $100 million in marketing.


TV-Based Advertising Queried Online

August 20, 2009

The statistics gatherers at YouGov have found in a recent survey that fully 44% of UK customers research companies to whose advertising they’re exposed to by television on the internet.


According to The Inquirer, this result is indicative of a kind of advertising frenzy; the suggestion seems to be that people, having been hit by heavy duty TV advertising, immediately jump to their PCs to glut themselves on further advertising. We’re choosing to see this in the far more positive light that people are starting to query the information passed along by ads served to them while they’re watching TV in a far more active manner.