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AMD and Intel Six-Core Processors Coming Soon

January 29, 2010

DigiTimes is reporting that the long-running rumours of AMD’s plans to launch three six-core desktop processors (codenamed Thuban) under its new Phenom II X6 1000T series will finally come to pass in May of this year, while Intel’s heavily mooted plans to launch its six-core desktop processors (codenamed Gulftown) are set to kick into gear at the end of March.

It’s war!

Citing “sources from motherboard makers”, the article claims that the three processors from AMD – the Phenom II X6 1075T, 1055T and 1035T – will each adopt a 45nm process. AMD will also launch the quad-core Phenom II X4 960T alongside the six-core models, the sources noted.



AMD Release Held Back

January 27, 2010

AMD had a pretty poor start to the week as news filtered out over why the expected release of their ATI Radeon HD 5830-based reference boards failed to take place as planned on Monday. Apparently the folks in charge decided to recall the affected boards for further testing after a “last minute issue” cropped up during the validation process. The issue in question is reported to be related to circuits on the board which are triggering an error on card makers’ software testing platforms.

With video card competition growing, AMD didn’t need this headache with the HD 5830.

Slashgear make the point that with “video card competition is hotting up right now” the last thing a company wants is unexpected problems with their new product. AMD, “declined to comment on the recall rumors” and indeed claimed the Radeon HD 5830 is undergoing the regular batch of testing any graphics chipset would go through.


More Details on Misa’s Digital Guitar

January 21, 2010

While some images of the Misa Digital Guitar have been swimming about online over the past week, very few details regarding its actual capabilities have leaked out. However, have grabbed a few nuggets of info today and far from being a throwaway toy for a rich kid there seems to be some decent work done underneath the neat exterior.

Looks like something yer man from Muse would play. Hopefully sounds better than them though...

“The body, machined out of ABS, looks like a guitar. The player puts theirs hands in the same places you would on a guitar but the lack of strings make it something different. The left had manipulates inputs in the form of 144 sensors, six in each of the twenty-four fret positions. The right hand doesn’t strum, but uses a multi-touch screen to control the inputs,” says Hackaday.


Sub-€500 PC Competition Build

January 20, 2010

In December, we ran a competition on to see who could build us the most impressive PC without going over a budget of €500. When I asked if we could do an example post, Ryan had boasted before his first attempt that he could “easily” fit in a copy of Windows, but after several builds not quite affording a hard drive, he gave up on it.

Still, that wasn’t enough to deter member, and eventual competition winner, Orcrist666. As we’ve said above, the whole point of the competition was to build a PC for under €500, but this one goes a bit above and beyond…

We’ll take it from the top…

Power Supply:

Since this is a build that’s being put together on an absolutely minimal budget, it’s not going to be using a phenomenal amount of power.

Click through to see our page for the AXP power supply 🙂

Not using too much power means not having to spend a tremendous amount on a high wattage power supply. Orcrist666’s build uses a fairly simple 500W AXP power supply, which has been well reviewed by just about everyone who has bought it. It’s a little noisy at times, but overall it’s a solid piece of kit.

Considering the fact that the AXP Power Supply ATX weighs in at just €34.86, it’s not a bad old deal at all. A solid base for a budget machine.


Nvidia Continues Anti-Intel Assault

December 21, 2009

Nvidia’s Intel’s Insides series of cartoons having a few quick jabs at Intel continues this week, with the graphics-centric company releasing more cartoons for a little festive cheer at Intel’s expense.

Nvidia has been railing against Intel for quite some time now, but things really picked up last Summer, when the company needed Intel’s Atom processor line to power its then-upcoming ION GPU solution. Since then, things have only gone from bad to worse, particularly when it emerged that Intel had managed to gain its current market position through “bribery and coercion.”


Intel Claims No Wrongdoing with FTC

December 17, 2009

Word has emerged that the US Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has launched court proceedings against Intel after the accusation that the chip giant used bribery and coercion to get to the top of the processor market.

Now, word comes from TomsHardware that Intel has issued an official response to the FTC, essentially outlining that it’s guilty of no wrongdoing when it comes to anti-competitive practices. Despite the fact that AMD announced last week that it had received fully $1.25 billion from Intel as part of the terms of the settlement over the whole “bribery and coercion” case, it seems that Intel is telling the FTC that it’s not done anything at all wrong.


AMD Receives Intel Money

December 14, 2009

AMD has announced that it has received the $1.25 billion sum that the New York Attorney General ruled it was to be paid by Intel after allegations surfaced that Intel had used bribery and coercion to earn it a top position in the processor market.

Word comes via Trading Markets that AMD has received the monetary remuneration it was due from Intel, and that we can likely expect the rest of the rest of the bits and pieces that Intel has promised to go quite smoothly. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the story, Intel wasn’t just forced to pay out the $1.25 billion to AMD, but also:


Build Your Own €500 PC

December 9, 2009

One of the things we really enjoy doing for the blog is setting someone a fairly unreasonable budget and then asking them to build a PC with it. It’s something that Ryan has come to see happen a little more often than he’d like really, but since a lot of people had asked what was the cheapest someone could reasonably expect to build a PC for, we decided to see how low we could push our resident Welshman.

This machine was built around one of our upgrade kits, click through to see its product page 🙂

I should probably note here that Ryan did put this build together under duress – we did have to keep telling him to stay under budget, no matter how sensible it seemed to go “just a bit” over the €500 mark. If you find yourself with a little extra, don’t hesitate to use this build as a base and flesh out the bits and pieces you find wanting.

We’ll take it from the top now. The first piece of advice was that you can pick up an Upgrade Kit from us that contains the CPU, motherboard and RAM in one pack, which saves some organisational woes.


Processor Market Bouncing Back?

November 10, 2009

The processor market has shown signs that things are returning to pre-recession normality, boasting record-breaking shipments for the third quarter of 2009.


With everyone looking for signs of economic recovery, this seems as though it could well be one of the figures we hear touted in the coming weeks that things are looking up. The figures, which boast a growth of 23% over last quarter, come from an IDC report released yesterday. According to IDC’s Shane Rau,

“Most meaningful about Q309 is that, since PC processor shipments overall just slightly exceeded shipments in Q308—which was itself a record quarter at the time—we know that the processor market is recovering.”


Intel Accused of Threats and Bribery

November 5, 2009

Intel is has been accused of using a combination of “bribery and threats” to gain its current position in the processor market, according to a legal suit filed yesterday.


Interestingly enough, the BBC is reporting that the New York Attorney General has accused Intel of “bribery and coercion” in its attempts to push manufacturers into using its products rather than those of its competitors (which is, let’s face it, basically AMD). The bad news for Intel is that this latest accusation hits while it’s waiting to face a suit from AMD set to hit in March of 2010…