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App Store Hits 3 Billion Downloads

January 5, 2010

Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch has today broken three billion downloads, with estimates putting the service at almost 120 downloads per second.

Towards the end of last September, Apple announced that its App Store had managed to pass the two billion mark and was, by all accounts, accelerating. Indeed, the news that the App store has passed three billion downloads comes just 98 days later, indicating a bit of an uptick in the number of downloads being made since then. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, commented on the figure, saying that,



ITG Shows Off Windows XP Phone

January 4, 2010

Chinese tech firm ITG has built a phone based on an AMD “super mobile CPU” boasting a 4.8-inch touch-sensitive display and running a full copy of Microsoft’s Windows XP.

I'm not sure why it's so attractive... but somehow, it is.

With Windows XP still being quite widely used, despite the fact it’s tipping the scales at eight years old now, it seemed inevitable that lower-end machines would be running it for some time. Still, we can’t help but be a little impressed by ITG’s Windows XP phone, which manages to run a full version of Windows XP and boast a relatively impressive battery life around the 7-12 hour mark if it’s actually under use.


Dalai Lama Freed from Chinese iTunes

December 31, 2009

It seems that Apple has blocked the sale of apps related to the Dalai Lama in the Chinese version of its vastly successful App Store, apparently becoming the latest in a slew of tech companies to censor content rather than not trade in China.

Apple’s move to censor the Dalai Lama out of the Chinese version of the App Store comes just two months after the iPhone launched in China through China Unicom. Outside China, there is a raft of Dalai Lama applications to be had on Apple’s App Store, most being relatively simple offerings of philosophical advice from the man himself.


App Store Sees Christmas Boost

December 29, 2009

Apple’s App Store saw a soaring amount of traffic this Christmas, with the vast number of iPod Touches given as gifts the biggest reason for the unusually high volume of apps downloaded.

Indeed, Cnet is carrying word that the number of downloads for the iPod Touch specifically, excluding the iPhone, was in the region of 1,000% higher than average. Moreover, the number of downloads for the lastest iteration of the iPod Touch hardware, often known as the iPod Touch 3G, was up by fully 900%. Still, that means that all of Apple’s success with the App Store over Christmas wasn’t from users hitting the App Store with their new hardware.


Firefox Mobile Delayed

December 22, 2009

Firefox has announced that it won’t manage to meet the deadline it had set for the mobile version of its Firefox web browser. Moreover, the iPhone version so recently talked about appears not to be on the cards anymore.

Still right up there for cutest logo of 2009 😀

Firefox’s head of mobile, Jay Sullivan, sat down with the BBC to talk about its upcoming addition to the mobile browser market. According to Sullivan earlier this week, we were to expect to see a mobile version of Firefox start to appear before Christmas, but that’s now slipped, and we’re told to expect it sometime between Christmas and the New Year instead.


Apple Sells NES Emulator

December 22, 2009

Apple has slipped up a bit and allowed, for a little while at least, a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator to appear for sale on its by now infamously strict App Store.

Apple has had a fairly well established anti-emulation policy when it comes to the App Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch since the service launched, but that doesn’t mean that some emulated content doesn’t leak through form time to time. Even now, there are emulated versions of older games available but the point seems to be that those are standalone applications for individual games to which copyrights have been attained (both Flashback and Earthworm Jim are superb apps).


Firefox Mobile to Spell Death of App Stores?

December 18, 2009

Mozilla has claimed that it feels its upcoming mobile version of its popular Firefox web browser, named, appropriately enough, Firefox Mobile, could well usher in the beginning of the end for shops like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Among my favourite browser logos...

According to a report from PC Pro, Mozilla’s own vice president of mobile, the oft quoted Jay Sullivan, is of the opinion that working with Firefox Mobile and developing what amount to “apps” but simply making them web-based instead will be the future. Indeed, if you’re going by what Sullivan has to say, then markets like the App Store won’t be around long. In his own words,


Android Market Growing Exponentially

December 17, 2009

It seems that Apple’s App Store isn’t the only mobile platform that’s seeing increasing amount of developer interest. The Android Market for devices running Google’s mobile OS, Android, has more than doubled its total number of apps over the last six months.

I've always thought the Android was cute, but a little weird 😉

According the Androlib statistics for the Android Market, we’ve moved from around 6,000 apps available in the market in June to just a little over the 20,000 mark in November. That figure only gets more impressive when you consider how recently the now massively successful Motorola Droid launched in the US relatively recently, so we can expect not to have seen its impact fully just yet.


Toshiba’s 64GB Flash to Enable 128GB iPod Touch?

December 16, 2009

Toshiba has announced a new, high capacity NAND flash module, boasting capacities of up to 64GB on a single chip. This latest NAND module is the highest capacity in the industry, and could shake things up a bit.

TomsHardware is reporting that the latest rumours going around indicate that we could well see Toshiba’s new NAND modules find their way into a next-generation version of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. That rumour is only enforced by the fact that the Apple hardware is already carrying some of Toshiba’s flash memory, which would make it a fairly clear upgrade path, if the company is willing to do it.


Apple Building New iPhone

December 11, 2009

Word is leaking out that Foxconn, the company responsible for the physical production of Apple’s runaway success, the iPhone, has already started receiving orders for a new version of the device.

News of the leak comes from Mobile Reviews editor in chief, Eldar Murtazin, a man who’s proved time and again that he’s in a position to know these kinds of things ahead of time. Murtazin was fairly succinct about the whole affair, simply releasing the news via his Twitter with the very short and eminently quotable,

“Foxconn received order for next generation iPhone.”