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Acer to Expand with Apps Store and E-Reader

January 25, 2010

Acer is set to expand into both the apps and e-book markets in the first half of this year it has been announced. The world’s second- largest computer vendor told the world’s press today that their applications store will offer “hundreds” of apps, “otherwise you can’t call it an apps store”, while their e-book reader will feature a 6-inch monochrome screen.

Acer are looking to expand their business after a bump in popularity over the past few years. reports that Acer will enter markets dominated by Apple and Amazon in offering downloadable software and e-book readers by June and Jim Wong, president of IT products division of Acer believes these moves will help the company boost its net income margin to 3% within two years, Wong said.



Facebook Adds App/Games Dashboard

January 22, 2010

Facebook has announced that it is to add a new dashboard feature to allow users to more easily interact with their apps and games, presumably without them cluttering up their feed.

The change has been announced on the Facebook Blog, with the Facebook’s own Jordan Alperin explaining that the intention is to make it easier for users to interact directly with applications and to open “new communication channels accessible to all users from the home page.” It also has the pleasant side effect of giving apps somewhere to live that’s a little bit better separated from the main bulk of Facebook itself – the more social side of things.


Apple to Announce New iPhone OS?

January 19, 2010

Now that Apple has properly confirmed that there’ll be an event happening on January 27th, the speculative floodgates have opened. Perhaps most interesting though, is the question of a new version of its iPhone OS.

Apple has been tight lipped about exactly what it is the event on January 27th is all about, teasing it with a fairly simple, “Come and see what we’ve been working on” styled message. According to the folks at TechCrunch, we could see a new iPhone OS unveiled at the event, which would certainly make sense, given the fact that many are expecting the long-rumoured Apple tablet to launch running some new flavour of Apple’s mobile OS.


Analysts Predict Massive App Spend in 2010

January 19, 2010

Industry analyst Gartner is predicting that customers will fork our somewhere in the region of $6.2 billion for mobile apps over the course of the coming year.

Perhaps most interesting is the way that those figures break down on close inspeaction. According to TGDaily, we can expect to see the total number of mobile downloads break the 4.5 billion mark at some stage this year, which would seem to indicate that a great deal of the apps being downloaded would be either free or relatively low-priced. Indeed, the research from Gartner seems to indicate that around 82% of all apps downloaded this year will be free.


Google Nexus One Announcement More Fizzle than Pop

January 6, 2010

Google’s announcement last night of the nitty gritty of its upcoming phone, the android-based Nexus One, has been one that’s more of a quiet fizz than the bang that many had expected.

Surely by now we can do away with the trackball, guys...

Still, many were pleased to learn more about the device that’s been a hot topic for the last few weeks, despite the relative lack of hard information until now. Many of the leaked details of the phone’s specifications have now been confirmed, so we’re curious to see just what Google intends to do with its impressive horsepower.


Facebook Testing New Interface

January 4, 2010

It seems that Facebook is making its new, redesigned user interface available to a select group of users, changing the way some aspects of the site’s layout and the way apps can interact with users.

Facebook has, for the most part, gotten out of the habit of making changes to its UI without publicising them a little first, since the service is so big that just about everyone now has an account, so news of any changes spreads very quickly indeed. Moreover, when people find that their Facebook is just a little different without their having been notified of it, the response tends to be negative. According to TechCrunch though, the social network has done it again, pushing out its new UI to some users ahead of others.


Dalai Lama Freed from Chinese iTunes

December 31, 2009

It seems that Apple has blocked the sale of apps related to the Dalai Lama in the Chinese version of its vastly successful App Store, apparently becoming the latest in a slew of tech companies to censor content rather than not trade in China.

Apple’s move to censor the Dalai Lama out of the Chinese version of the App Store comes just two months after the iPhone launched in China through China Unicom. Outside China, there is a raft of Dalai Lama applications to be had on Apple’s App Store, most being relatively simple offerings of philosophical advice from the man himself.


App Store Sees Christmas Boost

December 29, 2009

Apple’s App Store saw a soaring amount of traffic this Christmas, with the vast number of iPod Touches given as gifts the biggest reason for the unusually high volume of apps downloaded.

Indeed, Cnet is carrying word that the number of downloads for the iPod Touch specifically, excluding the iPhone, was in the region of 1,000% higher than average. Moreover, the number of downloads for the lastest iteration of the iPod Touch hardware, often known as the iPod Touch 3G, was up by fully 900%. Still, that means that all of Apple’s success with the App Store over Christmas wasn’t from users hitting the App Store with their new hardware.


Google Talks Up Mobile Gmail

December 18, 2009

Google has taken some time to talk about the manifold ways in which the company has improved the mobile version of its Gmail service, having made the mobile app two to three times faster today than it was in April.

Try to imagine that the 'Beta' tag isn't there 😉

Interestingly enough, the thought process behind the mobile version of Gmail closely echoes that of Mozilla’s head of mobile, Jay Sullivan, saying that the fact that a “growing number of mobile devices” now ship with a usable web browser built in. This allows Google’s developers to rely on an app being present that will be alright with HTML and JavaScript and will work across a plethora of different devices.


Firefox Mobile to Spell Death of App Stores?

December 18, 2009

Mozilla has claimed that it feels its upcoming mobile version of its popular Firefox web browser, named, appropriately enough, Firefox Mobile, could well usher in the beginning of the end for shops like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Among my favourite browser logos...

According to a report from PC Pro, Mozilla’s own vice president of mobile, the oft quoted Jay Sullivan, is of the opinion that working with Firefox Mobile and developing what amount to “apps” but simply making them web-based instead will be the future. Indeed, if you’re going by what Sullivan has to say, then markets like the App Store won’t be around long. In his own words,