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YouTube Launches Music Service

January 21, 2010

YouTube has launched its own Music Discovery service, for want of a better description, boasting the heading “Find > Mix > Watch.”

YouTube’s new service, which you can find fairly simply by heading over to For now, it all seems fairly straightforward, all you need to do is drop a name into the “Artist” box and YouTube works some kind of behind-the-scenes witchcraft and comes back to you with, on the right hand side, a list of songs to listen to by that artist. However, it’s the left hand side that’s really interesting.



Record Labels to Pay $6 Billion for Pirating Music

December 8, 2009

It seems that piracy lawsuits are a gate that swings both ways with Warner, Sony BMG, EMI and Universal now facing some fairly hefty bills to remunerate artists whose content, it seems, they’ve pirated.

Usually we tend not to see what happens on the far side of the table, with most of the media attention surrounding record labels and piracy centred quite firmly on the poor souls dragged into court by apparently merciless megapulishers, but now we’re told that record labels are facing the fairly substantial sum of $6 billion in damages to be paid to artists they’re found guilty of pirating roughly 300,000 tracks from.


Google Chrome Gets Designer Themes

October 6, 2009

Google has announced that it’s let some top designers have a bash at designing their own skins for its Chrome browser, and the results are pretty elegant.

The James White offering is our favourite for now :)

The James White offering is our favourite for now 🙂

Google Chrome’s themes are an excellent addition, and one we’d long hoped to see carried on in a similar style, however the latest move to allow folks with an eye for design like Wes Craven, Marc Ecko and Vivianne Westwood to design their own skins for Google Chrome lends a touch of elegance to the whole affair that’s difficult to deny.


DRMed Music Won’t Last Forever

July 31, 2009

In an entirely unsurprising turn of events it looks as though the minds behind DRMed (Digital Rights Management) music don’t actually expect you to be able to own it forever. Moreover, the idea that you’d expect that to be the case is ridiculous.


Word comes from ArsTechnica that Steven Metalitz, who’s been lawyering for the RIAA, on behalf of DRM on content and just how much they can squeeze into your media before you buy it. His word on the subject seems basically to be that the more control on a piece of content the better it can be handled in general terms.