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Office 2010 RC Isn’t for Everyone

February 4, 2010

It seems that Microsoft’s beta testing of its upcoming update to its office suite, the appropriately named Microsoft Office 2010, is nearing readiness, with word emerging that there’s a Release Candidate (RC) build in the wild… but not everyone’s getting it.

Microsoft’s open beta programs have been working out very well indeed for it lately, with the company’s move to offer Windows 7 to everyone and anyone who wanted to download it resulting in a widely-tested and incredibly well publicised launch for the OS when it did release. Moreover, it meant that many who might otherwise have been hesitant to update had already been running Windows 7 for a while when it launched.



Star Trek Online too Popular for Own Good

February 4, 2010

It seems that the latest MMO offering on the go, Cryptic Studio’s Star Trek Online, has proved to be just a little too popular at launch, with many reporting issues connecting to the game’s servers.

Sometimes, I wish new Atari and old Atari were the same company...

Indeed, word comes via Cryptic Studios itself of the issue, which has dogged it since the launch of its beta phase (which saw invitations issued to all those who had opted to pre-order the game) when complaints began to emerge of long queues for those looking to play. Cryptic had reassured users that it would be upgrading to keep its capacity in line with subscriptions, but it seems that the launch has been successful enough for those upgrades not quite to keep up.

The official line from Cryptic’s Star Trek Online team is that,


Windows 7 RC has Less than a Month Left

February 2, 2010

The free ride that users who opted in to the beta testing of Windows 7 has been a fairly long one, but it’s important to remember that it won’t last forever, and time is running out.

You've had your free ride, now cough up... please 😉

Of course, as we reported back in August of last year, those running with Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) won’t just wake up on March 1st to a machine that doesn’t boot up. Instead, those of you still running the Windows 7 RC will find that your PC decides to restart it once every two hours… whether you want it to or not. It’s not going to be a killer for everyone, but it should be enough of a headache that people will feel the need to move to a retail copy of Windows 7.


Blizzard Rolling out StarCraft II Beta?

January 27, 2010

It seems that there’s finally some movement on the long-awaited sequel to Blizzard’s massively successful (and still surprisingly widely played) StarCraft, with word leaking out that the beta could be hitting sooner than expected.

We can but dream...

Earlier this month, fan sites picked up word that there was to be something of an announcement from Blizzard around January 28th, with many intimating that Blizzard would be broadcasting an “important” conference call. Still, with repeat delays to StarCraft II, few were optimistic about it being anything to do with the beta, with the majority more inclined to believe that it would simply be an earnings report from the gaming giant.


Star Trek Online Crushed by Beta Requests

January 20, 2010

It seems that worries about Star Trek Online may have been unfounded after it emerged that the game’s developer, Cryptic Studios, has been overwhelmed with users looking for access to the open beta.

There seems to be a lot more murder in new Star Trek than old Star Trek...

It’s certainly interesting to see such strong adoption, but it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. While many were quick to voice their doubts about the massive multiplayer game, it seems that the combination of Cryptic’s solid reputation and the recognition that comes with the Star Trek brand has been enough to give the game a phenomenal amount of hype. We’d imagine that’s only been strengthened by the fairly recent release of the newest Star Trek movie on Blu-Ray and DVD.


Office 2010 Beta Hits 2 Million Users

January 7, 2010

Microsoft’s upcoming office suite, Office 2010, has jus hit the nice round number of 2 million downloads, making it a fairly massive testing operation.

The word comes from ReadWriteWeb that the open beta of Microsoft’s upcoming OS has managed to attract so much attention that it’s already broken the record set by Office 2007’s open beta program, but it also poses an interesting question, asking just why Microsoft has been so successful in gaining so large a userbase. While they speculate that a lot of it is to do with people being used to Office, and it effectively having a “locked in user base,” there are some other fairly simple reasons.


Sony Considers Fee-based PSN

December 22, 2009

It’s emerged that Sony, which has long touted the fact that its PlayStation Network (PSN) service is free as a selling point over Microsoft’s Xbox Live, has been considering making a “premium” PSN service available to those who’ll pay.

Word comes from Kotaku that Sony has been conducting some fairly interesting surveys in an attempt to ascertain whether or not the PlayStation 3 owning public would actually pay for the use of PSN, in much the same way as Microsoft offers a free Xbox Live Silver or a fee-based Gold membership for its Xbox 360.


Google Chrome Passes Out Safari

December 16, 2009

Google’s web browser, Chrome, has today passed out Apple’s default browser for Mac OS X, Safari, in terms of global browser use. This puts Google Chrome in third place on the “big five” browsers.

The news comes from Cnet that Chrome has managed to spoil the Safari party; interestingly enough, Chrome managed to edge out Apple’s browser in the same month as it was released for Mac. This means that Apple users who might normally have been using Safari may well have switched over to Google’s browser on the release of the official beta.


Microsoft Planning Office 15

December 10, 2009

With Office 2010 in public beta now, it seems that the majority of work on it is done, still, it’s a little surprising to hear that Microsoft is moving on to Office 15 already.

Of course, the whole thing isn’t entirely unexpected, we had received word very shortly after the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, that the company was already moving on, with staff working away on Windows 8. The big difference is, for now at least, that the word that we could expect to see Windows 8 around 2012 prompted speculation that the manner in which MS releases OS updates would be changing to something a little more incremental… it seems less likely that that’s the case for Office.


Google Chrome for Mac Hits

December 9, 2009

Google had been teasing people with its promise of the release of a Mac version of its Chrome browser that wasn’t a developer build, the dev-builds of Chrome having been just a touch unreliable.

Google had hinted that we could expect the beta version of Chrome this week when, on Monday, it changed the splash page for the Chromium (for Mac) page, updating it to the Chrome for Mac roadmap, outlining that the remaining bugs preventing the release of a Mac version of the lightweight browser had been patched out and that the company would be proceeding to add the same features as the latest version of Chrome on Windows machines.