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Nvidia Continues Anti-Intel Assault

December 21, 2009

Nvidia’s Intel’s Insides series of cartoons having a few quick jabs at Intel continues this week, with the graphics-centric company releasing more cartoons for a little festive cheer at Intel’s expense.

Nvidia has been railing against Intel for quite some time now, but things really picked up last Summer, when the company needed Intel’s Atom processor line to power its then-upcoming ION GPU solution. Since then, things have only gone from bad to worse, particularly when it emerged that Intel had managed to gain its current market position through “bribery and coercion.”



AMD Receives Intel Money

December 14, 2009

AMD has announced that it has received the $1.25 billion sum that the New York Attorney General ruled it was to be paid by Intel after allegations surfaced that Intel had used bribery and coercion to earn it a top position in the processor market.

Word comes via Trading Markets that AMD has received the monetary remuneration it was due from Intel, and that we can likely expect the rest of the rest of the bits and pieces that Intel has promised to go quite smoothly. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the story, Intel wasn’t just forced to pay out the $1.25 billion to AMD, but also:


Nvidia Lashes Out at Intel

November 9, 2009

Nvidia has launched a parody page called Intel’s Insides boasting cartoons about Intel’s current legal position, one with which it seems Intel is none-too-pleased.

Nvidia Godfather Intel

Nvidia has responded to the awkward position that Intel has found itself in in the last week or so since it emerged that the company was to be brought to court by the New York Attorney General’s office over allegations of “threats and bribery” in its attempts to become the default choice for consumer processors. It’s been estimated that Dell alone has profited from Intel’s largess to the tune of $6 billion.


Intel Accused of Threats and Bribery

November 5, 2009

Intel is has been accused of using a combination of “bribery and threats” to gain its current position in the processor market, according to a legal suit filed yesterday.


Interestingly enough, the BBC is reporting that the New York Attorney General has accused Intel of “bribery and coercion” in its attempts to push manufacturers into using its products rather than those of its competitors (which is, let’s face it, basically AMD). The bad news for Intel is that this latest accusation hits while it’s waiting to face a suit from AMD set to hit in March of 2010…