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Smartphones Prove Strain for O2

December 31, 2009

O2 has blamed the high data use from iPhone and other smartphone users for network strain it’s been experiencing in the UK.

It seems that O2’s deal for exclusivity when it comes to selling the iPhone, along with its range of other smartphones, has come back to bite it a little, with the high rate of demand for data services causing “disruption” to the network, which amounted to not being able to make or receive calls or properly access data services for some customers. O2 has responded by telling the Financial Times that,



Nexus One to Debut on Tuesday?

December 30, 2009

Google has been characteristically tight-lipped about just when we can expect to see the Android phone that it’s collaborated with HTC on, the Nexus One. Signs point to Google showing off the device this coming Tuesday.

Google might well be tight-lipped, but just about everyone involved has pointed to Tuesday the fifth of January as the date when we’ll get to know the scarily-named Nexus One in some more detail. According to the Register, those members of the tech press who meet Google’s standards received invitations to an event on Tuesday, and while there’s nothing in there specifically about the Nexus One, there’s enough about Android to make it seem likely.


Google Tight-Lipped on G-Phone

December 4, 2009

Google has remained tight-lipped on the possibility that it intends to launch its own Android-based mobile phone independent of any cellular carriers, though it seems as though the company has stopped denying that it is.

Hopefully it won't look quite this embarrassing...

The folks from the Register had a chance to sit down with Google’s Craig Walker who, as Google’s product manager for Google Voice, would perhaps be the one person best placed to know as much as possible about whether or not Google was working on a phone of its own. Where Google’s responses in the past have always been fairly straightforward denials that it’s working on a phone, Walker seems to take the question slightly differently, saying,


Google News Goes Mobile

November 20, 2009

Google’s news aggregator, the appropriately named Google News, is going mobile, with the latest iteration of the service will hit different devices in custom formats, specifically to get the most from the hardware.

Word of the new update comes from the Google Mobile Blog, which is fairly quick to point out that there are already some offerings of Google News with specific hardware in mind, including Blackberries, Windows Mobile devices and S60. Now though, Google has rounded out that line-up a little with new versions of Google News available for the iPhone, Android devices and Palm’s Pre smartphone.


Nokia Netbook to Launch November

October 14, 2009

Nokia has announced that it intends to launch its Booklet 3G in the US at some stage in November, but perhaps more interesting is the news on price, which is lower than predicted.


A month or so ago, when Nokia had originally started talking about getting into the netbook market, we were mostly just blown away by the reported 12 hour battery life, elegant build and the fact that it’s got an internal 3G arrangement. Of course, the concern had been that all of that would drive the cost up, and with estimates hitting the €570 mark, it certainly seemed like Nokia would price itself out of the netbook market.


Vodafone Gets iPhone in Ireland

September 29, 2009

Vodafone has announced that it is to carry the iPhone in Ireland, breaking the O2 iPhone exclusivity for us in much the same way as Orange did when it announced yesterday that it would be carrying the iPhone in the UK.


For now any news of the whole affair seems to be arriving a little higgledy piggledy, but Vodafone has posted a page to allow potential customers to “register their interest” so that Vodafone can “keep you up to date on all the developments as they happen.” The real news, we imagine, will come when Vodafone announces price plans and billing options.


iPhone Hacking News Abounds

July 30, 2009

Apple has come out with a statement to the effect that jailbreaking the iPhone could cause all kinds of trouble, including crashing cellular masts using their newfound ability to run non-Apple-approved code.


Apple revealed the possible danger of jailbroken iPhones in an ongoing case arguing for the legality of unlocking the device. The basic threat, according to Apple, is that if users were to use their hacked iPhones in a very specific way, they could use a sea of devices to initiate a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on a cellular provider, drowning the network with an inordinate amount of traffic.