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Intel Profits Take a Big Bounce

January 15, 2010

Intel’s fourth quarter results from 2009 have gone beyond all expectations, with the global leader of chip design reporting fourth-quarter revenue of $10.6 billion, which is a whopping a 28% rise from the same quarter last year. Operating income for the quarter was $2.5 billion and net income $2.3bn, topping Wall Street estimates. While for those of you with shares, the good news is that Intel’s share price jumped over 2.7% after the announcement to $22.07 per share before settling back to $21.45 at close of markets.

Intel... they're everywhere...

According to the net income increase was “a brawny 875% improvement year-on-year, a $2 billion rise”. However, they note that as impressive as these figures may sound, the fourth quarter of 2008 was about as bad as it ever got for Intel, when they reported profits nose-diving by 90%. This was due in part to the company’s $1 billion write-off of its stake in the WiMax service provider Clearwire.



Intel Talks Next-Gen Atom

December 21, 2009

Intel has revealed some of the details of its upcoming next-generation Atom processors. For those familiar with current-gen Atom processors, there aren’t any changes but the big one.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Ars Technica has an excellent article up detailing what we can expect from the new line of Atom processors. As well you might expect, they all weigh in at the 1.66GHz mark, which isn’t any different from the Atom processors we see powering netbooks today. There are two big shifts coming though, and the first is towards a dual core Atom processor, the D510. It might seem small, but keeping the energy efficiency of the Atom line and adding a second core is no mean feat. We’ll be curious to see how it behaves in real life.


Intel Claims No Wrongdoing with FTC

December 17, 2009

Word has emerged that the US Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has launched court proceedings against Intel after the accusation that the chip giant used bribery and coercion to get to the top of the processor market.

Now, word comes from TomsHardware that Intel has issued an official response to the FTC, essentially outlining that it’s guilty of no wrongdoing when it comes to anti-competitive practices. Despite the fact that AMD announced last week that it had received fully $1.25 billion from Intel as part of the terms of the settlement over the whole “bribery and coercion” case, it seems that Intel is telling the FTC that it’s not done anything at all wrong.


Apple Building New iPhone

December 11, 2009

Word is leaking out that Foxconn, the company responsible for the physical production of Apple’s runaway success, the iPhone, has already started receiving orders for a new version of the device.

News of the leak comes from Mobile Reviews editor in chief, Eldar Murtazin, a man who’s proved time and again that he’s in a position to know these kinds of things ahead of time. Murtazin was fairly succinct about the whole affair, simply releasing the news via his Twitter with the very short and eminently quotable,

“Foxconn received order for next generation iPhone.”


Nvidia Talks Larrabee Delay

December 9, 2009

Intel has announced that its plans for a graphics processor, codenamed Larrabee, had seen significant delays. While it seems the chip giant is still pursuing the project, Larrabee will likely never hit the market. Nvidia responded in a fashion befitting the relationship between the two.

Nvidia’s response was quite brusque, which is in keeping with the manner in which the company has publically treated Intel over the last few months. Nvidia’s response to Intel was fairly short, but essentially just says, “The fact that a company with Intel’s technical prowess and financial resources has struggled so hard to succeed with parallel computing shows just how exceptionally difficult a challenge this is.”


Intel Shows off 48-Core Processor

December 3, 2009

Intel is moving us well into the future by showing off what it feels could well be the processor of tomorrow. It’s 48-core processor doesn’t have a codename for now, but it’s been dubbed by Intel the “single-chip cloud computer.”

Perhaps most interesting is that the prototype of the chip shown off, which boasts so very many cores that we can’t begin to guess at what they’ll call it (dual core and quad core don’t quite cut it), is that it should, when finished, only consume around the same amount of power as two standard light bulbs. This, we’re told, is thanks to some new power management arrangement Intel has been putting together.

It’s also curious to see just what Intel imagines the chip will see use for. From Intel’s own piece on its upcoming chip,


Netbook Demand Outstripping Processor Supply

July 31, 2009

As much as it’s been said that netbooks will never catch on (whether because of their small size or their relative lack of heavyweight computing power), it looks as though Intel is having some serious trouble keeping up with the demand for its Atom processors.


There’s relatively little known about the shortage of Intel’s Atom Z processors for now apart from the fact that Intel has told its customers that it won’t be taking any more orders for Atom Z processors. Digitimes is reporting that the company is “close to completely digesting its inventory,” which if nothing else communicates the gravity of the situation quite nicely.