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Nintendo Sees Record Breaking Christmas

January 18, 2010

Nintendo has managed to break records twice in the last month, with both its Wii home console and its handheld DS managing to exceed the previous records for most consoles sold in a month.

While we’ve yet to receive anything quite as detailed for Europe, Wired is reporting that the NPD group has released its figures for the games industry over the month of December, and they certainly make for some very interesting reading indeed. Despite many analysts’ predictions to the contrary, Nintedno has managed to beat stiff competition from both Sony and Microsoft (both of whose consoles saw price drops over the months leading up to Christmas) and see the most sales, not only in this Christmas, but in any single month ever.



Steam Christmas Sale Gets Moving

December 23, 2009

Steam has moved to start another massive sale for over the Christmas block that we thought you guys might be interested in. If nothing else, check out the complete packs that the company is selling with some hefty price drops.

Steam has made a name for itself this year as a service willing to offer genuinely shocking discounts, both when it comes to Valve’s own games (selling Team Fortress 2 for $2.50 for a while) and when it comes other publishers’ it manages to get on board for big price drops. The thanksgiving sale was impressive in that regard, but the Christmas sale is equally worth checking out.


Yahoo Closes for Christmas

December 22, 2009

Yahoo has announced that it is to close up between Christmas the January this year as part of its ongoing, and apparently increasingly extreme, cost-cutting measures.

Yahoo has been in a fairly sticky monetary situation this year, managing not to turn a loss by firing a significant proportion of its staff. Apparently, the cost-cutting continues this Christmas, with the company to effectively close-up shop over the Christmas break. Strangely enough, its staff hasn’t been given the choice as to whether or not it wants time off… it’s a choice between holiday time or unpaid leave. Seems a little hard, but that’s life.


Competition – Win a Nettop

December 18, 2009

Good morning everyone, hopefully you’re feeling hale and hearty on this decreasingly snowy, but still nice and crisp winter’s morning. We’re happy to announce that, as part of our Advent Calendar competition, we’re giving away an MSI Wind Nettop 120.

Click through to enter our Advent Calendar competition

For those of you who haven’t encountered nettops yet, they run on the same principle as a netbook does for notebooks, only in desktop terms. Where a netbook is a slimmed down notebook that sacrifices some performance for portability and size, a nettop is a slimmed down desktop that just gets the job done.


All We Want for Christmas

December 17, 2009

Over the next few days, we’ll be posting a single blog post from each member of the staff that details a single item they’ll be giving this Christmas, and one that they’ll be hoping to receive. It’s a simple enough plan, and today we’re starting out with Shelton from RMA, we’ll continue on to Ryan tomorrow

It’s something that works a little better than a recommendation, if only because we’ll be genuinely trying to pick out gifts for other people that won’t break the bank… and genuinely hopeful about what we might be bought 😉

From Shelton:

Shelton didn’t tell us just who he was buying for, but when we asked him what he’d be buying for someone this Christmas he managed to get a link to me nice and fast, so it seems as though he’s put some thought into it at least.

Click through to see our page for the WD TV Live Media Player 🙂

Shelton’s pick as a gift is something that we’ve seen a bit of a rush on over the last couple of months, Western Digital’s TV Live Media Player, usually shortened simply to WD TV Live Media Player.

For those not familiar with Western Digital’s TV line, they essentially allow you to play media directly from an external hard drive to your TV, without any bother. For those who have already use the lighter Media Player that WD makes, the networking options really do give this one a bit of a bump.

As the customer review on the product itself says, “All drives connected to the player are easily accessed from any PC/Laptop in my home network.” It’s always nice to be able to say that the customer review on a product is a five-star review.

Western Digital’s WD TV Live Media Player is €125, which isn’t bad at all considering what it does.


Christmas Order Notes

December 15, 2009

Hey there all, we’ve got some notes to post for those of you who are hoping to place an order before Christmas but, like me, are the kind to keep putting things off until it’s just a bit too late.

For anyone who really wants to make sure that they’ve got something ordered in time for it to arrive by Christmas, orders to our Dublin Pickup Point will have to be in before 1300 on the 22nd of December*. As long as you get in before then, you should be fine.

However, if you’re looking to order something via An Post then you’ll have to have your order in before 1300 on the 21st*, just because these things take a little longer when they’re being shuttled around the countryside 😉

Apart from all that, we’d like you guys to know that we’re running an extended Cooling Off period for things bought over Christmas, because we understand that a lot of earlier orders won’t have been received until Christmas day, some returns will be delayed by the holidays, etc.


Build Your Own €500 PC

December 9, 2009

One of the things we really enjoy doing for the blog is setting someone a fairly unreasonable budget and then asking them to build a PC with it. It’s something that Ryan has come to see happen a little more often than he’d like really, but since a lot of people had asked what was the cheapest someone could reasonably expect to build a PC for, we decided to see how low we could push our resident Welshman.

This machine was built around one of our upgrade kits, click through to see its product page 🙂

I should probably note here that Ryan did put this build together under duress – we did have to keep telling him to stay under budget, no matter how sensible it seemed to go “just a bit” over the €500 mark. If you find yourself with a little extra, don’t hesitate to use this build as a base and flesh out the bits and pieces you find wanting.

We’ll take it from the top now. The first piece of advice was that you can pick up an Upgrade Kit from us that contains the CPU, motherboard and RAM in one pack, which saves some organisational woes.


Rumours of Wii Price Drop Gain Momentum

September 16, 2009

It’s been a long old time since this console generation cranked up, with both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 having seen significant price drops since launch. Nintendo hasn’t resorted to the same with its Wii, though it’s looking as though it could.


The overwhelming demand for Nintendo’s motion-control-based console at launch led to a bit of an explosion, meaning that Nintendo hasn’t really had to consider dropping the price at all until now. That said, since both Microsoft and Sony have dropped the prices of their respective console offerings, it seems that without a price drop, the Wii could end up being seen as inferior hardware with a heftier price tag.