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Jobs has Harsh Words for Google, Adobe

February 2, 2010

It seems that Steve Jobs has had some fairly harsh criticisms for both Google and Adobe, both of whose products have seen some unfavourable comparisons made with Apple’s own.

Indeed, the issue between Apple and Adobe is a long running one, and it’s only deepened in recent months since Adobe announced that it was willing on putting some work into developing a version of Flash for Apple’s iPhone OS, which runs both the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now the tablet-styled iPad. Indeed, it seems that Apple wasn’t quite as receptive to the idea as Adobe would have likes, so it seems that the project is on hold. Jobs words for Adobe were harshest, with Wired reporting him as having said that,



Competition Time Again

January 6, 2010

Good afternoon all, hopefully we find you well on this fine and, increasingly snowy, afternoon. Anyway, since people really seemed to like our last competition, we’ve decided to run another one to ring in the new year.

Lego builds are A) Ridiculous and B) Fantastic

This competition is a lot simpler than our last one, where we were offering a graphics card for the person who came up with the best build for under €500 , this time we’re offering some free bits and pieces we’ve got from some of our suppliers, ranging from the genuinely quite nice (a genuinely quite nice hat from Gainward) to the frankly a bit strange (an Intel travel mug). If you’d like more details you can check out our forum over at

Aside from that, all you have to do to be in with a chance to win something is tell us about those tentative first steps that led to your first building or upgrading a PC. It’s a relatively simple one, and it shouldn’t take long at all, but it’s mostly all about getting in there and having a bit of a chatter about something that most of us will have done or tried to do at least once or twice over the last few years.

It’s also a chance for the older hobbyists to give out to the younger hardware enthusiasts. We’re hoping for choice phrases, like, “Graphics card? Graphics card!? In my day, we played the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in text, as God intended!”

Anyway, the prizes are just small things, but the whole thing should be a bit of fun. With any luck, we’ll get some interesting stories out of you guys and we can all have a laugh about our youthful naiveté

Competition – Win a Nettop

December 18, 2009

Good morning everyone, hopefully you’re feeling hale and hearty on this decreasingly snowy, but still nice and crisp winter’s morning. We’re happy to announce that, as part of our Advent Calendar competition, we’re giving away an MSI Wind Nettop 120.

Click through to enter our Advent Calendar competition

For those of you who haven’t encountered nettops yet, they run on the same principle as a netbook does for notebooks, only in desktop terms. Where a netbook is a slimmed down notebook that sacrifices some performance for portability and size, a nettop is a slimmed down desktop that just gets the job done.


Competition – Build Your Own

December 10, 2009

Good afternoon all, hope everyone is in the mood to take on a bit of a challenge. We’re running a competition to see who can suggest the most impressive build without going over the €500 mark.

We did make Ryan put together a PC for €500 during the week, and his went very well indeed. So we’ve decided that we’ll see what the rest of you guys can come up with for under the €500 mark and once it’s all done myself, Shelton and Ryan will sit down and look through all of the builds we get and give the one that impresses us the most a bit of a reward in the form of a Gainward GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition.

Anyway, you can check out our post in our forum to see the rules and talk to us about how you’d like to put together your build. We’ll be curious to see the builds that people come up with, so don’t be afraid to be a little outlandish when you’re going for it.

Good luck to everyone who tries, we’re curious to see just how everyone gets on 🙂 Just post your build on the board and we’ll be pleased to chat about it and watch people trash talk one another about their builds 😉

Click through to our forum and enter our competition.

If you already have computer components that you would like to add to your PC, why not register for and bring them along with you to one of our Build your own PC classes and we’d be happy to show you how to do it! Visit for location and dates.

You Decide What We Discount… Vote For Komplett’s Next Special Offer

December 4, 2009

We want to offer you the chance to have a say in our weekly special offers, and so we’re going to offer up four products (below), showing their current price and the discounted price, and let all of you out there decide which will be our Day Breaker next Tuesday, 8 December. This is something that we’d like to start making a regular feature of, if you guys and gals out there think it’s worthwhile and popular enough.

You can vote one of a number of ways: You can leave a comment on our blog, reply to us on, or if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook then you can drop us a message to either of those. One vote per person (and this is the social network, so we’ll figure it out if you’re stuffing the ballot… And come get you ;-), though feel free to tell your friends and family about the offer – indeed, we’d be much obliged if you would. The more people this reaches, the more people get involved in our decision making processes for deals and products, the better we think it will be for everyone looking to shop with us now and in the future.

The products up for vote this week are:

Click through to see our page for the LG 22-inch display 🙂

LG 22” Full-HD Monitor W2253V, SKU 462227. Current price: €189.50 Discount price: €169 Saving: €20 / 10%

Click through to see our page for the Netgear Stora 🙂

Netgear Stora Home NAS 1TB, SKU 496965. Current price: €198 Discount Price: €159 Saving: €39 / 19%

Click through to see our page for the Samsun 40-inch HDTV

Samsung 40” LCD-TV LE40B550, SKU 574061. Current price: 686.99 (679+7.99PRF) Discount price: 614.99 (607+7.99PRF) Saving: €72 / 10%

Click through to see our page for the Seagate Barracuda 500GB 🙂

Seagate Barracuda 500GB Hard Drive, SKU 430708. Current price: 50 Discount price: 40 Saving: €10 / 20%

So, get voting!

Competition Time:

October 8, 2009

This is the “just in case you missed it” blog post to tell you guys about our competition to win an Asus EEE PC 1000HD.

Click through to the competition page to enter.

Click through to the competition page to enter.

The whole thing is very simple, all you really need to do is send us a message telling us why you think you should win it. We’re accepting entries in plain text, images, Powerpoint presentations, photomontages, movies, whatever you guys submit, we’ll take a look at it. On Sunday we’ll stop taking entries and start narrowing them down until we can find the best one 🙂

There’s lots of scope to do something a bit different and interesting, so whatever mad ideas you have, go for it and we’ll see how they all come together. When the whole thing is over and done with we’ll announce the winner in a post on the blog (and on Twitter/Facebook, depending on your preferences) and we’ll see about putting up a top ten or so on the blog itself so you guys can see the kind of entries that made the whole process a bit of fun.

To enter you can either click through to our competition page or you can simply email your entry to and that’ll be it all entered nicely. Good luck everyone, hope to see some interesting entries 🙂

Special Offers and Competitions

October 5, 2009

Good afternoon everyone, we’re back after a few days of low blog activity (down a man due to illness but we’re all back at full capacity now) and since it’s a Monday we have a Special Offers post to details some of the items we have on offer this week.

For those of you who haven’t already seen it on Twitter or Facebook, we’re also running a competition, but there’ll be a little more on that later. First things first we have some nice hardware on offer this week, including a graphics card, a netbook and a 1TB external drive.

PowerColor Radeon HD 4770 512MB:

It’s always nice to start a Special Offers post with some nice hardware, this week we’ve got the PowerColor Radeon HD 4770 marked down by 15%, which puts it at the €99 mark. It’s ideal for anyone who’s got themselves into the mindset of “under €100 and it just counts as treating myself.”

Click through to see the main page for the Radeon HD 4770 512MB.

Click through to see the main page for the Radeon HD 4770 512MB.

As much as I could sit and list specifications until the cows come home, it’s generally a far better idea to link you guys to the product page for components. I should at least say that this is a PCI Express card, as you might expect. It’s also got an output resolution of 2560×1600, as well as both VGA and HDMI outputs, which should be enough for most 🙂

You can check out the Radeon HD 4770’s detailed product page for more information, including a list of all the relevant bits and pieces.

Moreover, this week you’re in with a chance to win a free game with graphics card purchases, which sweetens the pot that little bit more.


Netflix’ $1million Prize Won by BellKor

September 22, 2009

Netflix’ offered prize of $1 million to the people that could provide it with 10% more accurate recommendations has been awarded to Belkor, despite some fumbling towards the competition’s end.

netflix logo

The Netflix competition opened in 2006, attracting massive interest from statisticians everywhere. The aim was to do provide a “collaborative filtering algorithm” that would significantly surpass the one Netfilx was already using. The New York Times is reporting that Netflix has announced a winner to the competition, but it’s not without some confusion.


Microsoft & Yahoo Announce Search Details

July 30, 2009

Yahoo and Microsoft have finally hashed out the details of a plan that will see Yahoo’s search business moved over to Microsoft, while Yahoo will continue to handle the search advertising for both sides of the bargain.


We’re told that “for web users, this deal will accelerate the pace and breadth of innovation by combining both companies’ strengths and search platforms into a market competitor with the scale to fuel the sustained development in search and search advertising.” It sounds like a very sideways way of saying that Microsoft and Yahoo between them might be able to compete with what Google has become, but there are some odd bits and pieces mentioned in the press release that aren’t really being given the emphasis they deserve.