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Apple Acquires

December 7, 2009

Apple has confirmed that it has acquired streaming music service shortly after the company admitted that it was unlikely to reach profitability in the near future, despite having some big players backing it up.

The word that Apple has managed to pick up LaLa (and apparently has managed to do so for a shockingly low sum, if rumours are to be believed) has come as something of a shock, given that the company had essentially been on something of a winning streak. LaLa had, in a month, become the service powering some fairly massive different entries to the web-based music department.



The Pirate Bay Gets Tougher

November 30, 2009

In a genuinely bizarre turn of events, it seems as though renewed attempts to have file sharing haven and practical Mos Eisley of the internet, The Pirate Bay, shut down have pushed the site into a position where it could be impossible to do so.

There’s a very lengthy write-up of the history leading to the most changes to the Pirate Bay’s structure over at TorrentFreak, but the long and short of it is that the fact that the Pirate Bay no longer boasts its own tracker could well have done an awful lot to shake up the cases against the illegal filesharing service. For one, it could well mean that the current cases being fought in Sweden don’t mean quite as much, with the site in question now entirely outside of Sweden.

Repeated attempts to disconnect the Pirate Bay have seen the site move around so much, geographically, that it was eventually carried out of its home country. Those individuals behind the Pirate Bay itself are now quite a bit outside of Sweden’s jurisdiction, with Frederik Neij safely holed up in Thailand while Gottfrid Svartholm is, apparently, spending his time in Cambodia.

Neij was good enough to comment on the current situation of the Pirate Bay last week when he said that,

“I am wondering if Swedish law has the power to issue a prohibition or penalty against a website in another country and my adopted acts in another country with a website that does not exist in Sweden.”

Certainly, it’s an interesting question, but the fact is that there’s an awful lot of money behind the case against the Pirate Bay, and it seems entirely likely that the case will be pursued as far as it possibly can be. Still, the whole thing is very interesting, given the lengths to which the copyright holders involved have gone to in shutting down the whole thing down.

For those interested in reading (an awful lot) more on the topic, the TorrentFreak article on the current state of the Pirate Bay has much more detail.

Facebook in Talks About Virtual Currency

November 26, 2009

Facebook may well not be something too many of us consider actually spending money on, but the company has had its own virtual currency in place for quite some time. Now though, it’s talking to developers about how they can use the “credits” system themselves.

At the moment, credits on Facebook are bought and used to buy gifts, whether Facebook-based cards to celebrate birthdays or songs made available thanks to Facebook’s team-up with popular US only music service Until now though, third party developers had been left out of the loop when it came to people actually coughing up their own cash for Facebook.


Insurance Scuffle Around Facebook Photos

November 25, 2009

A Canadian woman diagnosed with depression and on sick leave has found her disability benefits cut off thanks, in no small part to Facebook.

Word comes from Yahoo that the insurance company involved cut disability payments on the strength of the fact that she had posted photos to her Facebook page in which she looked happy and was smiling. If it seems a little like a disproportionate response, then that might well be because it is, but the insurance company involved felt it was within her rights, and will now likely find itself on the wrong end of a legal battle.