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YouTube Gets a Makeover

January 22, 2010

It seems that YouTube is already moving on its revisions to the service, announced two days ago, in an attempt to give the whole site a more unified look and feel.

The YouTube blog has been a hive of activity over the past few days, between announcements that we’d see the service revamped and the announcement that it would be offering movies from independent filmmakers for rental. Still, it seems as though the biggest change so far has been to the video page (that is to say, the video that anyone using the service might currently be viewing). The whole aim of the redesign seems to have been to emphasise the content being delivered, which is fairly evident.



YouTube Announces Spring Clean

January 13, 2010

YouTube has announced that it’s to run an early “Spring cleaning” project to help ensure that users have a more robust on-site experience with the video service.

According to a posting on the YouTube blog, the by no practically ubiquitous video service’s staff will be setting aside a significant proportion of if time to help tighten up the site’s design and overall user experience. Of course, there’s not too much to tell us just what we can expect to see out of YouTube’s upcoming shift, but it there are some hints to be had.


Samsung Ebook Reader Also Tablet

January 11, 2010

Samsung has announced its own line of ebook readers, with its usual flair for elegant design evident throughout. Moreover, users can write directly onto the screen.

Curious to see the refresh rate when writing/drawing...

The ebook reader market is fast approaching saturation by now, but it seems that there are still plenty of big-name tech companies desperate to get in on a little of the market that Amazon and Sony kicked off with their Kindle and Reader lines. Indeed, the question now seems to be not whether or not a reader performs capably when it comes to the task of reading ebooks themselves, but what else they have on offer. In that respect, we’d imagine many will be impressed by Samsung’s new offering, which boasts some tablet functionality, allowing users to add notes to books by simply writing directly onto the screen.


Firefox 4 Starts to Take Shape

December 23, 2009

Mozilla has shared some hints for those who just can’t wait to see what the upcoming version of its Firefox web-browser will look like when it eventually gets Firefox 4 out the door.

Mozilla’s Stephen Horlander is one of the few people in a strong position to know what state Firefox 4 will arrive in when it finally hits, but it seems as though the snapshots we saw of potential user interfaces for the new browser in Summer are fairly accurate. Of course, back then the big debate was about whether tabs should be listed above or below the address bar. That one seems to have subsided now, and the mockups for the new Firefox UI are looking sharper now.


Hundreds of Facebook Groups Hacked

November 10, 2009

Due to a particularly strange Facebook design issue, hundreds of Facebook groups have effectively been “hacked,” with new users taking control of the groups as administrators.


According to a report from social media news site Mashable, the issue stems from the way in which Facebook handles groups that the original administrator has left. Essentially, once a group has been created, the creator is the administrator by default. If that administrator later leaves, then any new user can register to become an administrator… and you can imagine the trouble that gets some groups into.