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LG Manual Details Piracy…

February 8, 2010

LG may well find itself in some trouble with studios after its user manuals were found to contain details of how to watch illegally downloaded material on LG’s hardware.

Seems like a bit of a misstep...

The whole kafuffle stems from the release of a line of HDTV’s from LG that boast USB ports, allowing users to plug external storage directly into their displays and watch any content that they’ve got stored on those drives directly on their LG TV. Of course, the assumption might be that such content has been legally obtained, but LG’s own manual doesn’t seem too fussy, showing pirated content in its diagrams of the functionality.



Google has Trouble Shifting Nexus One

February 8, 2010

Sales of Google’s Nexus One smartphone are still slower than the search giant might well like it to be, with reports indicating that Google has managed to sell somewhere in the region of 80,000 devices.

Initial reports had indicated that Google’s Nexus One had had a very slow opening week indeed, and it seems that things haven’t improved much. According to the mobile analysts over at Flurry, the first week of sales for Google’s self-described “superphone” saw the search giant shift the fairly unimpressive number of 20,000 Nexus One devices. Now that we’re at the first month of sales, things are looking no more impressive.


iPad to Hit Ireland in March

February 1, 2010

Apple’s iPad has been given something of a more solid release date for both the UK and Ireland, and it must be said that it’s a little ahead of Steve Jobs estimated June/July timeframe.

iPad, youPad, hePads, shePads, wePad, you(plural)Pad, theyPad 🙂

Indeed, Apple has updated it’s store page for those looking to pick up the touch-screen device, confirming pre-announcement rumours that Apple would start shipping the device in March. Of course, when those rumours first hit there was no indication yet that we’d see two different flavours of the device (one 3G capable and the other not). The update to Apple’s page simply reads,

“Wi-Fi models shipping in late March.
3G models shippin in April.
Local pricing to be announced.”


Nokia Patents Bendy-Phone

January 19, 2010

Nokia has filed a patent for a bendable phone, which bears some resemblance to the concepts it had shown off for its “Morph” design a couple of years back.

Oh dear... I have nanite envy... 😦

While the patent filing, picked up by SlashGear, doesn’t tell us nearly as much as we’d like to know about Nokia’s potential flexible phone, we’re still curious about its applications. The original morph as it was showed off, seemed to boast a flexible display build around a semi-transparent and equally flexible phone (all thanks to the still-pending wonders of nanotechnology). Users were shown snapping the phone around their wrists, at which point the Morph threw up a lock-icon.


Special Offers – Week of January 18th

January 18, 2010

Good afternoon all, I hope everyone is well and having an alright (if a little rough) start back to work this week. We’re all doing quite well in the Komplett office, for what it’s worth. Anyway, for those just joining us now, we like to post our special offers for the coming week on a Monday afternoon, just to make sure that you guys have as long as possible to consider them before the offers end.

It’s on of those win-win situations 🙂

We won’t get too bogged down in all that for now, this week’s offers are pretty interesting, hopefully you’ll find something you like.

Nintendo DSi:

Nintendo’s DS line broke the record for the highest number of a games consoles sold in a month (it just so happened that in the same month, the Wii broke that record too). Clearly it’s a device that’s not only incredibly popular, but continuing to sell to new customers.

Click through to check out our page for Nintendo's DSi 🙂

For those of you who haven’t used a DSi yet, it’s functionally very much like an old Gameboy, though with a clamshell design and two 3.25” screens. The lower screen is touch-sensitive, and there’s a stylus included with the device. It also boasts two cameras, which tie in to various games, as well as Facebook. It’s a relatively simple little machine, but has enough of a range of games to provide some solid entertainment.

We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Nintendo’s DS line, even if it is based on bitter intra-office rivalries of Mariokart DS and Pokémon… the important thing to remember isn’t that it’s okay to play games as an adult; it’s that Ryan cheats at Mariokart. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, he just does.

Our bitter feuds aside, Nintendo’s DSi is dropped to €147 this week.

The DSi is also available in black, for those who want to have it match their existing bits and pieces or wardrobe.


HP Goes on Trademarking Spree

December 30, 2009

HP has gone on something of a trademarking spree, soaking up as many strange words as you could reasonably shake a stick at, including Zeen and Airlife. They’re prompting some fairly wild speculation.

Word comes from Gizmodo of the latest news on HP’s new trademark acquisitions, as well as the descriptions of just what we might expect those names to represent when a product finally does hit. The Zeen is said to be a “portable handheld device for receiving and displaying text and images and sound; computer software for use in transmitting and displaying text, images and sound; computer peripherals; computer hardware.”


Apple Building New iPhone

December 11, 2009

Word is leaking out that Foxconn, the company responsible for the physical production of Apple’s runaway success, the iPhone, has already started receiving orders for a new version of the device.

News of the leak comes from Mobile Reviews editor in chief, Eldar Murtazin, a man who’s proved time and again that he’s in a position to know these kinds of things ahead of time. Murtazin was fairly succinct about the whole affair, simply releasing the news via his Twitter with the very short and eminently quotable,

“Foxconn received order for next generation iPhone.”


Google Goggles Lets You Search What You See

December 8, 2009

Google has introduced a new product to its Android Market in the form of an app called Google Goggles, which lets users use the camera on their phone to grab an image of something and then use that image to run a search.

Google Goggles is certainly an interesting piece of kit, with the folks at Google immediately warning that it has its limitations, but some of the things it can accomplish within those limitations are very impressive indeed. Of course, the example being cited most commonly seems to be taking a picture of a landmark and having Google take that image and return you a bundle of information about it (the example used by Google is the Golden Gate Bridge), but there are far more interesting things afoot than that.


Peek Makers to Launch Twitter Only Handset

November 4, 2009

Drawing almost universal abhorrence pretty much immediately after it was first shown off, the TwitterPeek is a device that does nothing other than Twitter, which people seem to be taking issue with.


The original Peek, for those who don’t remember it, was a device that served nothing but email. It was roundly praised for offering a device that only performed one function and did so capably. The problem with the TwitterPeek is that its one function isn’t anywhere near as fundamentally useful as email (and this is comin from someone who really likes Twitter and believes it’s a useful service).


Apple Rejects iPhone Guide for Using the Word iPhone

November 4, 2009

Apple has amassed some apps from its App Store for loose enough grounds, but it’s added to that list today, blocking an ebook that is a book about the iPhone as a device… on the grounds that it contains the word “iPhone.”


Word comes from Engadget of the latest app shot down by Apple’s confusingly arbitrary App Store approval process, which is perhaps the most confusing rejection yet. Perhaps most worrying for the people at Apple is that the grounds on which the new app has been blocked are already violated by any number of other apps.