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France to Disconnect Illegal Downloaders

January 4, 2010

France’s controversial new law covering the disconnection of internet users found to be guilty of illegally downloading copyrighted material is now in effect.

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According to the BBC’s article on the law, those who are found to be illegally downloading content will initially be sent an email to warn them to cease their illicit activities. Those who continue to flaunt the law will be sent a plain-old snail-mail letter to inform them of their position. Should that fail to convince users to stop downloading, they’ll be brought before a judge and face either a fine or potential disconnection.



Pirates Spend More On Music?

November 2, 2009

Results of a recent survey have shown that pirates, that is to say, those who the music industry has effectively been witch-hunting, actually turn out to spend more money than most on music.

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According to The Independent the results of the survey suggest that those guilty of infringing copyright by downloading music illegally spend an average of £77 (or €85) on music every year, while those who claim never to download music illegally spend around the £44 (or €48) mark. Moreover, the survey hit a wide audience, with 1,000 people aged between 16 and 50 responding.


UK Pirates Face Disconnection

October 29, 2009

It has been confirmed that internet piracy in the UK is to become an offence punishable by internet disconnection for the offender.

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TGDaily is reporting that Peter Mandelson has confirmed that the UK is to pass legislation that would see repeat offenders disconnected from the internet. As had been discussed before, those users found to be guilty of illicit activity (copyright infringement being the most obvious example) conducted over the internet will be issued with a warning before facing disconnection.