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Samsung Transparent Notebook Nears Release

February 8, 2010

It seems that Samsung is nearing the release of its transparent active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays, with the company likely to release devices boasting the displays over the next 12 months.

Transparent displays are both impressive and a little confusing...

For those who haven’t encountered the AMOLED arrangement, the image above should give some impression. Essentially, the display itself is transparent, meaning your desktop (or whatever else you happen to be watching) is not quite fully transparent, but still pretty hip nonetheless. Still, the technology will likely be more interesting in devices other than notebooks, so it’s curious to see that Samsung does have other devices in the works.



DVD and Blu-Ray Prices to Rise?

February 2, 2010

It seems that prices for Blu-Ray and DVD could well rise over the course of the next couple of months, due to increasing costs of manufacturing blank discs.

Prices could rise in the coming months...

Word comes via Digitimes of the rising cost of polycarbonate, which is one of those “can’t do without” materials when it comes to manufacturing disc-based media. While the price of polycarbonate has already been on the rise, it’s been reported that if the price of raw materials continues to rise when we can expect to see that cost passed on to those of us on the opposite end.


Sub-€500 PC Competition Build

January 20, 2010

In December, we ran a competition on to see who could build us the most impressive PC without going over a budget of €500. When I asked if we could do an example post, Ryan had boasted before his first attempt that he could “easily” fit in a copy of Windows, but after several builds not quite affording a hard drive, he gave up on it.

Still, that wasn’t enough to deter member, and eventual competition winner, Orcrist666. As we’ve said above, the whole point of the competition was to build a PC for under €500, but this one goes a bit above and beyond…

We’ll take it from the top…

Power Supply:

Since this is a build that’s being put together on an absolutely minimal budget, it’s not going to be using a phenomenal amount of power.

Click through to see our page for the AXP power supply 🙂

Not using too much power means not having to spend a tremendous amount on a high wattage power supply. Orcrist666’s build uses a fairly simple 500W AXP power supply, which has been well reviewed by just about everyone who has bought it. It’s a little noisy at times, but overall it’s a solid piece of kit.

Considering the fact that the AXP Power Supply ATX weighs in at just €34.86, it’s not a bad old deal at all. A solid base for a budget machine.


Cinema Sales Outpace Discs in 2009

January 6, 2010

It’s been a long time since cinema sales last managed to outperform sales of disc-based media for movies, but it seems that in 2009 cinema has managed to push past discs again.

According to Adams Media Research, the strong performance from cinemas was bolstered by the release of “3D exhibition at a premium price,” which seems as though it could be a fairly roundabout way of saying that Avatar has been performing so very well that it’s managed to pull in crowds that cinemas haven’t seen in quite a while. Indeed, it seems that 3D cinema provides enough spectacle to draw in big crowds, with the news that Avatar has managed to pull become the fourth biggest grossing film ever, already.


Blu-Ray Still Trailing DVD

December 15, 2009

It’s strange to think that Blu-Ray has already been with us for fully four years, but we’ve already hit the point where we should be seeing the high-definition disc-medium start to supplant DVD.

Still, it seems that Blu-Ray is certainly doing well for itself. According to the Wall Street Journal, Universal Studios’ president is fairly pleased with the company’s sales of Blu-Ray. Universal’s sales were divided up between DVD and Blu-Ray with a 70:30 ratio in favour of DVD. It seems that Universal is fairly well pleased with the shift towards high-definition content, though many have been quick to highlight that Blu-Ray’s adoption isn’t anywhere close to matching that of DVD in its opening four years.


Win7 Download Tool Released

December 11, 2009

Microsoft has finally released its Windows 7 download tool for those who’ve decided that they’d like to get their copies of Microsoft’s latest operating system via digital distribution, rather than physically.

According to TechNet Microsoft has finally solved the issue that caused the application to be pulled in the first place. The complaint that had been raised was that the original Windows 7 download tool was seen as a bit bloated and cumbersome; on closer inspection, it turned out that there was a significant amount of code appropriated from an open source project…


Build Your Own – Christmas Gaming Rig

November 25, 2009

Good afternoon all. As those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while will already know, we like to run a fairly tech-centric or a how-to piece on a Wednesday afternoon. This week’s How-To is basically a build your own PC build we’ve been asked to write up by people who were looking to put together a new machine either in the run up to or just after Christmas.

It’s a nice and simple build, without anything too fancy going on, but it’s also our first build from the charming Ryan in RMA; since Shelton’s been doing all of the builds for a while, it’s about time we gave Ryan a chance 😉

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, we’ll get straight to the build itself. We’ll take it from the top, opening with the motherboard.

Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4:

There are a couple of reasons we went with this motherboard, but the biggest one was the combination of reliability and the fact that it’s a very solid board for anyone looking to overclock.

Click through to see our product page for the Gigabyte motherboard 🙂

We can’t really recommend that anyone try overclocking their equipment, because doing so voids warranties and has the potential to create all kinds of mess… but if you’re the kind of person who’d like to see good overclocking potential in a machine they’re building then this is exactly the kind of board you’d do well to check out.

Moreover, at €145 it’s not a bad old deal by any stretch of the imagination, and things only get better when we move on to the processor end of things. You can check out more of the specifics for the Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4 over at our product page for it, if you’re so inclined.


DiamonDisc DVDs to Last a Millenium

November 16, 2009

The average writeable DVD only lasts between two and five years, but for those looking for a little more permanence, it seems help is on the way from Cranberry in the form of a disc that should last 1,000 years.

cranberry logo

While there are all kinds of reasons you might not particularly care that a writable DVD only has a shelf life of around half a decade, it seems as though the folks at Cranberry have gone the extra mile to make sure your backups are available several lifetimes after you’re gone. It’s certainly an interesting claim, and one that’s making waves among data longevity enthusiasts, but it’s not quite as simple as all that.


Microsoft Pulls Win7 Download Option

November 11, 2009

Microsoft has pulled its Windows 7 download tool from the Microsoft online shop due to legal issues with the software.

microsoft logo

It’s ironic to see Microsoft in trouble because of copyright infringement so soon after the launch of Windows 7, which it has said aims to decrease the number of pirated copies of Windows in circulation. Word comes from Rafael Rivera’s Within Windows blog that there seemed to be seriously amiss with Microsoft’s Windows 7 Download Tool. Rivera said of the download tool,

“While poking through the UDF-related internals of the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, I had a weird feeling there was just wayyyyy too much code in there for such a simple tool. A simple search of some method names and properties, gleaned from Reflector’s output, revealed the source code was obviously lifted from the CodePles-hosted (yikes) GPLv2-licensed ImageMaster project. (The author of the code was not contacted by Microsoft.)”


Transformers 2 to Launch on USB Stick

November 4, 2009

With many claiming that Blu-Ray will be the last form of physical media we see film distributed on, the news that Transformers 2 is to launch on a piece of flash memory is both welcome and a little scary.

Transformers Logo

The device/storage/film (it’s hard to know how to word things sometimes when they’re still at the edge of release) is set to launch in association with Kingston, which will be providing the media itself. While we’ve seen Disney launch movies on SD cards in Japan for distribution with disc-based copies, Transformers is to launch both as part of a package deal with a disc and for sale on its own.