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Sega to Release Mega Drive Emulator to App Store

January 21, 2010

Sega has made the slightly strange but undoubtedly popular decision to build an emulator for its Genesis hardware, which most in Ireland would likely have known as the Mega Drive.

Shiny has already released Earthworm Jim for Apple's App Store.

Apple has taken issue with those emulators that have been submitted to its App Store up to now, with most being caught by the infamous App Store Approval Process and those that squeak through taken down shortly afterwards. Of course, those tend to have been unofficial efforts, which makes Sega’s offering for the iPhone and iPod Touch something a little different, moreover, it seems that Sega has essentially established its own precedent, in a way.



Apple Sells NES Emulator

December 22, 2009

Apple has slipped up a bit and allowed, for a little while at least, a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator to appear for sale on its by now infamously strict App Store.

Apple has had a fairly well established anti-emulation policy when it comes to the App Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch since the service launched, but that doesn’t mean that some emulated content doesn’t leak through form time to time. Even now, there are emulated versions of older games available but the point seems to be that those are standalone applications for individual games to which copyrights have been attained (both Flashback and Earthworm Jim are superb apps).


Nintendo Pursues Nokia on Piracy

November 27, 2009

Nintendo is cracking down on piracy of its major intellectual properties in a big way, with its new ‘piracy tsar’ set to investigate copyright infringement on mobile platforms.

The Independent is reporting that Nintendo’s legal team has been instructed to investigate the manner in which smartphones have been made able to emulate older consoles and whether or not this constitutes a breach of Nintendo’s rights as copyright holder.

Emulation has gone from rife to a background concern when it comes to the desktop, but there’s a burgeoning market for emulated content on smartphones. Given the growing power of mobile devices this kind of move was pretty much inevitable, and it’s something that companies like Apple have been keeping as far from its App Store as possible, one of the great victories of the infamous App Store approval process.