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France to Disconnect Illegal Downloaders

January 4, 2010

France’s controversial new law covering the disconnection of internet users found to be guilty of illegally downloading copyrighted material is now in effect.

The Pirate Bay's logo remains the go-to image for piracy news 😉

According to the BBC’s article on the law, those who are found to be illegally downloading content will initially be sent an email to warn them to cease their illicit activities. Those who continue to flaunt the law will be sent a plain-old snail-mail letter to inform them of their position. Should that fail to convince users to stop downloading, they’ll be brought before a judge and face either a fine or potential disconnection.



Mininova Finally Hobbled

November 27, 2009

After years of managing to stave off legal action, major torrent site Mininova has been force to take down just about all of its trackers after losing a legal fight with a Dutch organisation representing copyright holders.

The move, alongside the continuing fall-apart state of The Pirate Bay, seems to indicate that copyright holders are certainly making some major headway against internet-based piracy. Of course, things are a little different for Mininova and The Pirate Bay… for one, those behind the day-to-day operation of The Pirate Bay never really made any profit off their work, but the brains behind Mininova were in quite a different situation.


Mininova Ordered to Remove Copyrighted Torrents

August 27, 2009

A Dutch judge has ordered the brains behind Mininova to remove all copyrighted torrents from the search engine or face a heft €5 million in fines.


With The Pirate Bay taking some serious hits in the last two months, the fact that this latest attack hits the less popular torrent search engine Mininova could be an indication of what’s to come later. The only real question now is whether or not this kind of anti-piracy policy will continue, hitting all of the major torrent searches or if it will stop with The Pirate Bay and Mininova.