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Firefox 3.6 Nears Completion

January 12, 2010

Firefox users disappointed by the delay to the newest version of the browser will be pleased to hear that it’s just about done, with a release candidate having been rolled out to beta users already.

Mozilla’s own word on the release candidate for Firefox 3.6 is that it may still see some unexpected updates, but there’s every chance that this is the version that sees release when Firefox 3.6 goes public. The list of updates includes things that those in the beta may already have encountered, with some of them ranging from “useful occasionally” to “likely to become very annoying indeed.” According to Mozilla, some of the changes we can expect include,



Firefox 3.5 World’s Most Used Browser

December 21, 2009

It seems that Firefox’s persistent nagging of users to update to the latest version has resulted in it passing out the various flavours of Internet Explorer. There are now more users on Firefox 3.5 than any other web browser.

It might seem a strange situation, given the fact that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer commands such a massive share of the market, but it seems that the Internet Explorer user base is fractured, being split as it is across IE6, EI7 and IE8 for various reasons. Still, we imagine the folks over at Firefox will be pleased to hear that it’s managed to pip Internet Explorer for the browser Christmas number one.


Firefox 3.6 to Release Before 2010

November 5, 2009

Mozilla has confirmed that the official release of it’s upcoming update to its Firefox web browser (which will bring the software to version 3.6) will hit before the end of the year.


Many had been concerned about the almost two month delay of the browser’s release when it slid from the beginning of September without, any official word on when it’d appear, before eventually showing up in late October. Still, Mozilla seems both optimistic and determined to have its latest browser update completed in time for the end of the year.


Mozilla Launches Firefox 3.5.3

September 10, 2009

Mozilla has released the latest version of its new browser, pulling Firefox up to version 3.5.3.


Firefox 3.5.3 we’re told fixes a series of bugs that had been teething at the browser, while patching some security vulnerabilities. Overall, it’s also more stable than 3.5.2. Moreover, it adds to Firefox the ability to check and make sure that Adobe’s Flash Player is up to date and prompt users to update the player if they happen not to be running the most recent version, which Mozilla is hoping will help plug up security vulnerabilities caused by outdated versions.


Mozilla Expects Firefox 4 in 2010

September 1, 2009

With the move from Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.5, Mozilla had set a bit of a precedent for massively delayed updates. Fortunately enough, it’s looking as though that’s not something they’re in a hurry to continue. We’re to expect Firefox 4.0 in 2010.


TGDaily is reporting that Mozilla’s product roadmap for 2010 includes a relatively minor update to the current browser somewhere in the next few months as well as a comparatively major update somewhere in the first half of next year before we see something entirely new towards the end of 2010. For now, relatively little has been announced about Firefox 4.0, but we can deduce a reasonable amount from what little we know.


Unseemly Addresses Hindered Firefox 3 Uptake

August 27, 2009

Mozilla’s browser efforts have gone from strength to strength with the releases of Firefox 3.0 and 3.5, but it seems as though the company has now divulged that one of the biggest reasons users didn’t update to version 3.0 when it was released was because of enhancements made to the location bar.


In a turn that’s just a little sad, “virtually everyone” who provided feedback to Firefox had tried Firefox 3 and bombed back to Firefox 2. It seems as though many users were a bit shocked by the suggestions that were thrown up by their browser when typing addresses after it had had a bit of a poke through their history and bookmarks. The Mozilla team played it very well on its blog, not citing anything untoward, but still getting the message across unequivocably,


Opera 10 Hits Third Beta – Looking Good

August 17, 2009

Opera, the browser many consider to be behind the Microsoft anti-trust case in Europe regarding its bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows, has released the third beta version of Opera 10.


DailyTech is reporting that this third release continues the trend of increasing speed from the Opera team. For now, Opera isn’t the fastest browser going (being a little behind Chrome and Safari), but it’s fast edging up on Firefox, which is no mean feat. Opera 10’s persistent push for speed makes a lot of sense if you consider the fact that Opera was once known for being the nimblest browser on the market.


Microsoft Doubts Mozilla’s Billionth Download

August 14, 2009

Never to be outdone, Microsoft has spared some time from its busy schedule of extending support for Internet Explorer 6 so that it could rail at Mozilla’s alternative browser, Firefox. More accurately, it’s calling into question the claim that Firefox has been downloaded a billion times.


Well, Microsoft is certainly on a roll today. It’s one thing to extend the life of a browser that it very much seems as though the internet at large hates… it’s another to do so and then question one of your competitors’ big marketing claims. If nothing else, it’s a busy day for Microsoft. Once again, at centre stage is Microsoft’s general manager for Internet Explorer, Amy Barzdukas.


You Know You Could Be Using Firefox 3.6

August 10, 2009

While last week was full of news about Firefox 4 and what it might look like, Mozilla has released the first version of the successor to Firefox 3.5 in the form of a Firefox 3.6 Alpha.


There has been a raft of changes designed to make the already respectable browser continue its trend of picking up the pace with every recent release. Perhaps the most interesting bullet on the list is one that simply reads, “We’ve made a huge number of improvements to overall DOM and element layout performance. In some cases we’re much, much faster. We’ll cover details on those in a later post.” That’s not all they had to say in the blog though.


Firefox Hits One Billion Downloads

August 4, 2009

The Mozilla foundation’s free browser, Firefox, has hit a billion total downloads, which is excellent news for competition in the browser space. Moreover, they’ve put up a charming page celebrating the fact.


The page itself is very much an attempt to communicate just how big a number one billion is, though for now without any pointed references to the fact that it’s about one sixth of the earth’s population. Out of curiosity, I shot an email to Mozilla’s Melissa Shapiro as to just how the foundation makes money on the browser (in our ignorance, those of us in the office couldn’t answer it).