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Chrome Creeps Forward in Browser War

February 2, 2010

It seems that the neverending browser war is now seeing Google’s Chrome inch forward, for the second month in a row, though this time it seems to be pinching its users from both Microsoft and Mozilla.

Last time we heard any real news from the browser stakes, it was that Firefox had, however temporarily, managed to claw itself to the top of the pile when it came to the most users on a single version of any one browser, while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer userbase was sploit between IE6, IE7 and the newer IE8. Still, there has been other news of interest, not least of which the fact that Google’s Chrome has been performing quite well, at least according to statistics from Net Applications.



Firefox 3.6 Still Lagging in the Speed Stakes

January 25, 2010

Interesting news over at ComputerWorld where some in-house testing has shown that Mozilla’s new Firefox 3.6 – while 15% faster than its previous incarnation – still lags behind in the speed stakes when compared to Safari or Chrome. had already been pretty damning over the weekend, reporting quite bluntly that “Firefox is still miles behind Google’s Chrome browser in the speed department”.

"Even with the JavaScript speed boost, Firefox 3.6 can't match Safari or Chrome."

Launched last Thursday, 3.6 came in at number three from five Windows browsers tested. According to the ComputerWorld report, “Firefox renders JavaScript three times faster than Opera 10 and more than four times faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). It’s also 14.5% faster than Firefox 3.5, the Mozilla browser that debuted in June 2009, a slightly larger speed increase than Mozilla has claimed. But even with the JavaScript speed boost, Firefox 3.6 can’t match Safari or Chrome. Safari is twice as fast — and Chrome 4.0 nearly twice as fast — as Firefox.”


Firefox 3.6 Gets Official

January 22, 2010

Mozilla’s latest version of its browser, Firefox 3.6, has seen some delays, but it is now available for download for those who had avoided the beta until now.

Earlier this week, Mozilla released a second release candidate for version 3.6 of its Firefox browser, sparking some minor rumours that we might see the update delayed further, but those fears were allayed last night when the new version of Firefox was made available for general download through the Firefox page. There are a few interesting changes in the latest version of Firefox that are worth knowing about, for those who avoided the beta.


Mozilla Drops Firefox 3.7

January 18, 2010

Mozilla has removed the build of its Firefox browser labelled version 3.7 from its schedule of upcoming releases, moving instead to a slightly different update model.

Mozilla had initially planned to release Firefox 3.6 and 3.7 within about six months of one another, but it now, according to an interview with MacWorld, seems that the company is to move away from the kind of updates its well known for and into a bundle of minor updates instead. Indeed, the new model would see no new major releases until the company pushes out Firefox 4.0.


Firefox 3.6 Nears Completion

January 12, 2010

Firefox users disappointed by the delay to the newest version of the browser will be pleased to hear that it’s just about done, with a release candidate having been rolled out to beta users already.

Mozilla’s own word on the release candidate for Firefox 3.6 is that it may still see some unexpected updates, but there’s every chance that this is the version that sees release when Firefox 3.6 goes public. The list of updates includes things that those in the beta may already have encountered, with some of them ranging from “useful occasionally” to “likely to become very annoying indeed.” According to Mozilla, some of the changes we can expect include,


Firefox 3.6 Delayed

December 29, 2009

Mozilla has announced that its long-awaited release of the upcoming Firefox 3.6 will be delayed into the first quarter of 2010. Until now, Mozilla had been promising the new browser before the year was out.

Firefox 4 looks interesting, but also delayed... 😦

Firefox 3.6 has been in beta for a while now, with fairly regular updates to make sure that everything has been running smoothly, but it seems that Mozilla isn’t quite pleased enough with its progress to release it to the wide world quite yet. Instead, it’s seen fit to delay the update. Things only get worse though, with the next version of Firefox slipping too.


Firefox to See GPU Accelleration

November 26, 2009

Word is coming in that Mozilla’s open source browser, Firefox, could well see support for GPU accelerated web browsing added before Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer, pipping the operating system giant to the post.

Word came last week that Microsoft was starting to show off to developers just what they might expect from Internet Explorer 9, and certainly the news was impressive. The one feature that left the biggest impression on the folks who saw it seemed to be use of the to GPU speed up the browser, something other browsers just aren’t doing. Now though, it looks as though some dedicated Firefoxers is aiming to do the same.


Firefox 3.6 Gets More Stable

November 19, 2009

The latest build of Firefox 3.6 introduces some interesting changes made in the name of making the browser more stable, without compromising its versatility through extensions.

The new addition to Firefox has been called “component directory lockdown” by the folks at Mozilla, who have posted an update to the Firefox blog about the new feature. The whole point of component directory lockdown is that it eliminates as much as possible the crashes that seem to come hand in hand with having a heap of extensions running alongside your browser and, in their own words, “we’ll also be giving you greater control over the code that runs in your browser.”


Firefox 3.6 to Release Before 2010

November 5, 2009

Mozilla has confirmed that the official release of it’s upcoming update to its Firefox web browser (which will bring the software to version 3.6) will hit before the end of the year.


Many had been concerned about the almost two month delay of the browser’s release when it slid from the beginning of September without, any official word on when it’d appear, before eventually showing up in late October. Still, Mozilla seems both optimistic and determined to have its latest browser update completed in time for the end of the year.


You Know You Could Be Using Firefox 3.6

August 10, 2009

While last week was full of news about Firefox 4 and what it might look like, Mozilla has released the first version of the successor to Firefox 3.5 in the form of a Firefox 3.6 Alpha.


There has been a raft of changes designed to make the already respectable browser continue its trend of picking up the pace with every recent release. Perhaps the most interesting bullet on the list is one that simply reads, “We’ve made a huge number of improvements to overall DOM and element layout performance. In some cases we’re much, much faster. We’ll cover details on those in a later post.” That’s not all they had to say in the blog though.