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Firefox 3.6 Delayed

December 29, 2009

Mozilla has announced that its long-awaited release of the upcoming Firefox 3.6 will be delayed into the first quarter of 2010. Until now, Mozilla had been promising the new browser before the year was out.

Firefox 4 looks interesting, but also delayed... 😦

Firefox 3.6 has been in beta for a while now, with fairly regular updates to make sure that everything has been running smoothly, but it seems that Mozilla isn’t quite pleased enough with its progress to release it to the wide world quite yet. Instead, it’s seen fit to delay the update. Things only get worse though, with the next version of Firefox slipping too.



Firefox 4 Themes Previewed

July 28, 2009

Mozilla has today started previewing some mockups of the inevitable update of its popular web browser to Firefox 4. For now there are a lot of pretty screenshots and they paint an interesting picture of the way we use the web today.

It's certainly far more elegant than the current affair.

It's certainly far more elegant than the current affair.

One point that it’s hard to miss is that tabs may be placed above the URL bar, as in the above photo, rather than below it as in current and past iterations of the browser. This follows Google’s Chrome and a short stint in the same place in Apple’s Safari (though Safari eventually pushed them back below the bar).

Another new feature being discussed is a combines Stop/Refresh/Go button to the right of the address bar (as in Safari), which would again save space and keep the UI from being awkwardly cluttered. For the most part you’ll have noticed that these changes aim at making the user interface as small and usable as possible, a direction all of the major browsers have been taking lately.

If nothing else, we’re all for the gradual reclamation of unused portions of our displays. The old F11-to-fullscreen attitude to getting the most out of your on-screen real estate lasted far too long. With any luck we’ll see these changes received well by the community and carried on into the eventual release of Firefox 4, but there’s a persistent worry that a community backlash against any change (even potentially positive change) could see the UI stagnate a little.

Anyway, all that aside, you can see a raft of sample images of what they’d like Firefox 4 to look like over at the Mozilla wiki, here.