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Sony Considering Charging for PSN

February 4, 2010

It seems that the rumours that Sony was seriously considering implementing a charge for the use of its PlayStation Network service weren’t entirely unfounded. Sony execs have admitted that the idea is an attractive one.

Word comes from IGN of an interview with Sony’s senior vice president of marketing, Peter Dille, who wouldn’t be drawn as to just whether or not Sony had already made a decision on whether or not it would charge for the service yet, but he puts paid to any lingering doubt about Sony wanting to monetise the service current service. If so, it could well be the beginning of a fairly fundamental shift in the console landscape.



Twitter Turns a Profit

December 21, 2009

It’s emerged that recent deals to make Twitter’s mass of real-time data available to big search engines has ended up with the miblogging service turning a profit for the first time.

It’s certainly strange to see Twitter returning a profit so very quickly, and from something that had seemed to be entirely inevitable, but according to BusinessWeek the company has already moved into profitability. This much at least will be fine news to the folks at Twitter, who had been said to be struggling to find an avenue for the service to make profit without rendering it less attractive to users; searchabilty could well be just what the doctor ordered… temporarily at least.


Competition – Build Your Own

December 10, 2009

Good afternoon all, hope everyone is in the mood to take on a bit of a challenge. We’re running a competition to see who can suggest the most impressive build without going over the €500 mark.

We did make Ryan put together a PC for €500 during the week, and his went very well indeed. So we’ve decided that we’ll see what the rest of you guys can come up with for under the €500 mark and once it’s all done myself, Shelton and Ryan will sit down and look through all of the builds we get and give the one that impresses us the most a bit of a reward in the form of a Gainward GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition.

Anyway, you can check out our post in our forum to see the rules and talk to us about how you’d like to put together your build. We’ll be curious to see the builds that people come up with, so don’t be afraid to be a little outlandish when you’re going for it.

Good luck to everyone who tries, we’re curious to see just how everyone gets on 🙂 Just post your build on the board and we’ll be pleased to chat about it and watch people trash talk one another about their builds 😉

Click through to our forum and enter our competition.

If you already have computer components that you would like to add to your PC, why not register for and bring them along with you to one of our Build your own PC classes and we’d be happy to show you how to do it! Visit for location and dates.

Microsoft Planning Office 15

December 10, 2009

With Office 2010 in public beta now, it seems that the majority of work on it is done, still, it’s a little surprising to hear that Microsoft is moving on to Office 15 already.

Of course, the whole thing isn’t entirely unexpected, we had received word very shortly after the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, that the company was already moving on, with staff working away on Windows 8. The big difference is, for now at least, that the word that we could expect to see Windows 8 around 2012 prompted speculation that the manner in which MS releases OS updates would be changing to something a little more incremental… it seems less likely that that’s the case for Office.


Office 2010 to Enter Public Beta

October 20, 2009

Microsoft has announced that its upcoming version of its Microsoft Office suite will enter public beta at some point in the next month.

Microsoft Office 2010 Logo

Microsoft seems to be most pleased with the sheer amount of positive publicity it managed to garner by making Windows 7 available to anyone who wanted to give it a lash long before release. The decision to offer a public beta of Office 2010 could very well be an extension of the same reasoning; if they can get it out to customers they’ll not only have more people testing and reporting bugs, but they’ll stand to generate a bit of hype for the product without paying for the marketing themselves.


This is the Last Day You Can Download Windows 7 RC1

August 19, 2009

We’ve always known that Microsoft wouldn’t keep the free Windows 7 opt-in around forever for testers. It turns out that today, a little over two months before we should expect to see Windows 7 on general release, is the day the fun ends.


The Inquirer has plenty of details on just what you can expect to see out of the RC1 build; it doesn’t have Bluetoorth audio and the AutoRun has been disabled on removable drives… though for some the missing AutoRun will be far more of a blessing than a curse. This version of Windows 7 will be free until June of next year, at which point you might be forced to actually pay for an operating system, mad as it might seem.


Google Books Free on Sony E-Readers

July 31, 2009

Sony has announced that, through the medium of Google Books, it’s offering over a million books for free in what’s hard to see as anything but a direct assault on Amazon’s Kindle.

Sony Reader

Sony’s e-book readers have always had a bit of an edge over the Kindle in the looks department and its latest move to include more than a million books puts it streets ahead of the competition in terms of the sheer amount of content users have access to. At this stage, the fact that Sony now offers so many public domain books available might well be the straw that breaks the Kindle’s back.