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Google Testing Smartphone Speech Translation

February 8, 2010

It seems that Google is continuing its push into strange territory with news that the search giant is working on translation software that would see users able to translate speech directly.

Word comes from the Times of the Google project that it believes could well be the early steps of direct speech-to-speech translation, using smartphones as the middleman. This is something that Google has already started pushing towards with the speech recognition technology in versions 2.0 and 2.1 of its Android mobile operating system.



Google Translate Gets an Overhaul

November 17, 2009

Google has revisited its Google Translate service and given it a bit of an overhaul, adding some very interesting features indeed and changing the general look and feel of the service into something a but more real-time.

School has stood me well...

Google’s translations service has long been due a bit of an update, and with the translation that it had shown off with some of the Google Wave videos some had feared Wave might become the new Google Translate. Still, with translation features yet to make an appearance in the web-based application itself, it’s good to see Google Translate getting a little more real-time.