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SSDs Reinvigorate Old PCs

January 14, 2010

It seems that using a solid-state drive to beef up an old machine can breathe new life into what might otherwise seem a doddery old PC on its last legs.

SSD manufacturer RunCore has taken the time and effort at this year’s Consume Electronics Show to show off some decidedly naff looking old PCs that it’s kitted out with some genuinely impressive hardware. While you might expect the idea of throwing a nice expensive solid-state disk into an old machine to be a bit of a waste of money, it seems that the guys at RunCore have managed to get some dying machines to show real signs of life with the upgrade.



Intel Talks Next-Gen Atom

December 21, 2009

Intel has revealed some of the details of its upcoming next-generation Atom processors. For those familiar with current-gen Atom processors, there aren’t any changes but the big one.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Ars Technica has an excellent article up detailing what we can expect from the new line of Atom processors. As well you might expect, they all weigh in at the 1.66GHz mark, which isn’t any different from the Atom processors we see powering netbooks today. There are two big shifts coming though, and the first is towards a dual core Atom processor, the D510. It might seem small, but keeping the energy efficiency of the Atom line and adding a second core is no mean feat. We’ll be curious to see how it behaves in real life.


CrunchPad Becomes JooJoo

December 8, 2009

Fusion Garage showed off the device formerly known as CrunchPad, now known as the JooJoo Internet Tablet, to the press for the first time last night, giving us a look at just what Michael Arrington’s brainchild has become during the journey from concept to reality.

TGDaily is carrying the story straight from Chandra Rathakrishnan’s demonstration of the product itself, and the device that could once have been the CrunchPad certainly seems dressed to impress. Some of the promises originally made of the CrunchPad have certainly been kept, including the fact that the device boots in a very impressive nine seconds, boasts no physical buttons except for the power switch and supports gesture-based controls.


LG Shows Off Solar-Powered eBook

October 12, 2009

LG has revealed its own ebook reader and, in a market where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between products, it boasts its own solar cell.

LG Logo

It looks as though the world has gotten itself into ebook readers in a big old hurry, and while Microsoft has denied the rumours that it has plans to get into the space, Amazon has recently announced that it intends to make its Kindle available worldwide, while Sony’s eReader is already available fairly globally. LG’s environmentally conscious take on the ebook reader is particularly interesting though.