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Chinese Hacker Training Site Shuts Down

February 8, 2010

A site under the moniker of Black Hawk Safety Net may sound reasonably innocent, but this morning three of its operators are waking up in a Chinese prison as authorities there shut down its operations. Far from being concerned with safety, BHSN is instead reported to be in the business of training hackers and providing them with malicious software, in fact it’s believed to be the biggest online training camp for potential hackers in China.

According to a BBC post this morning which referenced reports in the China Daily and the Wuhan Evening News, the hacker training operation openly recruited thousands of members online and provided them with cyber attack lessons and Trojan software. BHSN was said to have recruited more than 12,000 paying subscribers and collected more than 7 million yuan (€730,000) in membership fees, while another 170,000 people had signed up for free membership.



Hackers Target US Oil Giants

January 27, 2010

One hacking incident that’s ruffling quite a few feathers across the Atlantic today is the case of three US oil companies being targeted in a co-ordinated operation. These hacks – which could be a good storyline to note for writers of any upcoming ‘reimagining’ of Dallas – sought valuable information about new discoveries of oil deposits and other data, according to a new report in the Christian Science Monitor.

Information worth millions of dollars may have been at risk thanks to reported hacks on ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil.

Elsewhere, Wired noted this morning, “The attacks predated by two years recent intrusions into Google and other companies but shared some similarities to those attacks. Highly targeted malicious e-mails were sent to employees and customized spyware attempted to grab specific data. The hackers sought ‘bid data’ which details the location of oil deposits around the world as well as their size and value.”