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FourSquare Sees Massive Growth

February 5, 2010

It seems that location-based social-game affair FourSquare has seen something of a popularity boost in the last two months, with traffic to the service tripling, cementing its position.

For those who haven’t had a chance to give it a go yet, FourSquare isa relatively simple game that allows users to accrue points based on their location. Users can “check in” at a particular location flagged as being nearby based on their current location, as pulled from their phone. Players are awarded points based on their various check-ins, with badges being awarded for specific criteria.



Special Offers – Week of January 18th

January 18, 2010

Good afternoon all, I hope everyone is well and having an alright (if a little rough) start back to work this week. We’re all doing quite well in the Komplett office, for what it’s worth. Anyway, for those just joining us now, we like to post our special offers for the coming week on a Monday afternoon, just to make sure that you guys have as long as possible to consider them before the offers end.

It’s on of those win-win situations 🙂

We won’t get too bogged down in all that for now, this week’s offers are pretty interesting, hopefully you’ll find something you like.

Nintendo DSi:

Nintendo’s DS line broke the record for the highest number of a games consoles sold in a month (it just so happened that in the same month, the Wii broke that record too). Clearly it’s a device that’s not only incredibly popular, but continuing to sell to new customers.

Click through to check out our page for Nintendo's DSi 🙂

For those of you who haven’t used a DSi yet, it’s functionally very much like an old Gameboy, though with a clamshell design and two 3.25” screens. The lower screen is touch-sensitive, and there’s a stylus included with the device. It also boasts two cameras, which tie in to various games, as well as Facebook. It’s a relatively simple little machine, but has enough of a range of games to provide some solid entertainment.

We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Nintendo’s DS line, even if it is based on bitter intra-office rivalries of Mariokart DS and Pokémon… the important thing to remember isn’t that it’s okay to play games as an adult; it’s that Ryan cheats at Mariokart. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, he just does.

Our bitter feuds aside, Nintendo’s DSi is dropped to €147 this week.

The DSi is also available in black, for those who want to have it match their existing bits and pieces or wardrobe.


New DS to Hit Europe in March

January 15, 2010

Nintendo’s latest addition to the DS line has finally been given a release date in Europe and, surprisingly enough, it looks as though it’ll be before the US release date.

As a rule, games consoles tend to hit Europe last, though after the fairly furious backlash from Sony’s PlayStation Portable launch delay over here, it seems that the effort is being made to ensure that Europe gets hardware in a timelier fashion than once we did. Now, it seems that Nintendo will reverse the trend, offering it’s the new, bigger version of its DS hardware in Europe from March onward, though there’s no real detail on the US release date (which has been tentatively penned in as “Q1.”


Next-gen Nintendo DS Motion Sensitive

January 7, 2010

Nintendo has announced that the next generation of its handheld console line will boast better graphics, as might be expected, and motion sensitivity.

The word comes from an interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, translated by gaming blog Kotaku, which quotes the head of the gaming giant as having said, “[It will have] highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.” Interesting stuff indeed, though we’ll be curious to see just how well motion sensitivity works when the screen is on the device being moved…


Firefox Mobile Launches

January 4, 2010

Despite the back-to-back delays, Firefox Mobile has been released today, cheering owners of Nokia’s N900 immeasurably.

PocketFox is a better name than Firefox Mobile anyway 😉

Originally slated for a release before Christmas, then in the week between Christmas and the beginning of the new year, Mozilla’s first real push into the mobile market comes today, with the release of the first version of Firefox Mobile. For now though, the only devices that actually have any kind of support for Firefox Mobile are Nokia’s N900 and the aging N810 handsets, leaving most of us out in the cold.


HP Goes on Trademarking Spree

December 30, 2009

HP has gone on something of a trademarking spree, soaking up as many strange words as you could reasonably shake a stick at, including Zeen and Airlife. They’re prompting some fairly wild speculation.

Word comes from Gizmodo of the latest news on HP’s new trademark acquisitions, as well as the descriptions of just what we might expect those names to represent when a product finally does hit. The Zeen is said to be a “portable handheld device for receiving and displaying text and images and sound; computer software for use in transmitting and displaying text, images and sound; computer peripherals; computer hardware.”


Nintendo DS Breaks Console Record

December 10, 2009

Nintendo’s dual screened handheld, the by now nearly ubiquitous DS, which has morphed into the DS Lite and DSi, has just broken sales records and become the best-selling console in the UK, ever.

Nintendo’s DS has just passed out Sony’s PlayStation 2 as the best selling console and it’s still going strong. Sony’s last-gen console had seemed to be particularly hesitant to die while its successor, the PlayStation 3, had some trouble establishing itself. The fact that the PS2 held on for so very long was a fairly major contributor to the fact that Sony managed to sell 10.02 million units.


Judge Rules DS Flashcarts Legal

December 7, 2009

Nintendo has lost its long running case against Divineo, one of the bigger companies behind the production and manufacture of so-called “flashcarts” for its DS, DS Lite and DSi range, with a Parisian judge ruling against the gaming giant.

According to a report from MaxConsole, it seems that the judge may well have been swayed in favour of the devices by the argument that they’re particularly useful to homebrew developers, who might normally be excluded from the development process by the expense of a devkit for the handheld devices while some have simply been refused without Nintendo detailing just why they’re not allowed to develop for it.


Nintendo Pursues Nokia on Piracy

November 27, 2009

Nintendo is cracking down on piracy of its major intellectual properties in a big way, with its new ‘piracy tsar’ set to investigate copyright infringement on mobile platforms.

The Independent is reporting that Nintendo’s legal team has been instructed to investigate the manner in which smartphones have been made able to emulate older consoles and whether or not this constitutes a breach of Nintendo’s rights as copyright holder.

Emulation has gone from rife to a background concern when it comes to the desktop, but there’s a burgeoning market for emulated content on smartphones. Given the growing power of mobile devices this kind of move was pretty much inevitable, and it’s something that companies like Apple have been keeping as far from its App Store as possible, one of the great victories of the infamous App Store approval process.


Man to Wed Virtual Girlfriend

November 24, 2009

The world just got a little sadder this morning with news that a young man is to marry a character from a particularly addictive game for Nintendo’s DS based on the concept of developing a relationship with a virtual girlfriend.

Things had been strange enough when reports emerged that some game developers had become so addicted to the software that they’d been a little hard to get a hold of, sneaking away from work for clandestine meetings with their virtual girl of choice. If nothing else, the whole thing sets a strange precedent, but what is perhaps strangest is the lengths the man in question went to to ensure that he could, in fact, marry a lady who lives in his Nintendo DS.

According to BoingBoing, the man in question flew to Guam, DS in tow, using various video-sharing services to ensure that anyone from back home who really wanted to could quite easily keep up with the combination marriage/honeymoon.