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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

December 21, 2009

Good morning all. Those of you who keep up with us on Twitter will already know that 1300 today is the closing date for people who want orders to be delivered to them in time for Christmas via An Post. With that in mind, there’s a little under three hours to get last minute orders in.

There are a few things that will always go down well, won’t break the bank and just about everyone will find a use for over the coming year that we think will make fine last-minute Christmas presents for those who haven’t managed to get all of their shopping done yet (and let’s not kid ourselves, we’re firmly in that category ourselves).

Western Digital Elements 1TB:

Western Digital’s Elements 1TB external hard drive is a simple enough thing to pick up for Christmas, but it’s also one of those “gifts that keeps on giving.” Moreover, it’s only €79, which means you can grab one for your nearest and dearest without bankrupting yourself.

Click through to see our page for the WD Elements 1TB hard drive 🙂

There’s nothing like giving someone the gift of not having to worry about deleting things; it’s relatively simple, but hard drive purchases are something that tend to get put on the long finger until, eventually, you realise you’ve got a fast-filling hard drive in your main machine and nowhere to put whatever is taking up your space.

Better still, there’s nothing like being there when someone is restoring a machine from a backup and having the self-satisfied little grin that says, “He only has that backup because picked up the drive.”

It’s the little things that help make it through Christmas, but the promise of being able to be smug later on is a bonus. You can check out the Western Digital Elements 1TB in more detail on our product page for it if you’re interested.



Product Spotlight – WD TV Mini

November 26, 2009

Good afternoon all, hopefully this week’s been treating you well, but if it hasn’t there’s always the consolation of it being nearly over, that may help cheer you up. Anyway, for those who don’t follow the blog too closely, you may not already familiar with our Product Spotlight posts; they’re basically a space for the staff to give one recommendation during the week on a product we think you guys might like.

Click through to see our page for the WD TV Mini 🙂

This week, our spotlit product for this week is the Western Digital TV Mini. It’s something people have asked about both on Twitter and via email a fair bit; it seems there was already a bit of buzz in the AV crowd that had initially developed around its predecessor, the still very fine indeed WDTV HD Media Player.

Of course, the newer Mini does boast much of the same functionality as the older, well-liked WD TV HD Media Player. Both play video from a USB storage device, most likely you’ll want to use a nice big external drive for this, but there are times when it’s equally handy to just plug in a USB stick and play directly from that.