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Adobe Talks Flash, Bemoans HTML5

February 4, 2010

It seems that Adobe hasn’t been appreciating the treatment it’s been getting in the media lately, which some particularly critical responses spurred by news that Apple’s iPad wouldn’t boast Flash compatibility.

Indeed, so negative has the response been that Adobe’s own chief technology officer, Kevin Lynch penning a blog, now posted to Adobe’s Featured Blogs, extolling the virtues of Flash and, without ever damning HTML5, subtly indicating that he feels it’s nowhere near as widely applicable as Flash when it comes to dishing up content. Indeed, Lynch is fairly forward, making the Apple connection himself early in the blog post when he says,



Jobs has Harsh Words for Google, Adobe

February 2, 2010

It seems that Steve Jobs has had some fairly harsh criticisms for both Google and Adobe, both of whose products have seen some unfavourable comparisons made with Apple’s own.

Indeed, the issue between Apple and Adobe is a long running one, and it’s only deepened in recent months since Adobe announced that it was willing on putting some work into developing a version of Flash for Apple’s iPhone OS, which runs both the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now the tablet-styled iPad. Indeed, it seems that Apple wasn’t quite as receptive to the idea as Adobe would have likes, so it seems that the project is on hold. Jobs words for Adobe were harshest, with Wired reporting him as having said that,


Google Voice Goes Web

January 27, 2010

It seems that Google Voice has finally made something of a shift, become a we-based app rather than one that most smartphone users would have to download and install… it’s a big shift and one that could well be a bee in Apple’s bonnet.

Officially, Apple never rejected Google’s Google Voice app from its infamously strict App Store, instead insisting that it was simply reviewing the app after initially intimating that the app might not see release because it was seen to duplicate a core functionality of the iPhone itself. Of course, given the fact that Apple has had Google Voice under “review” for around six months, it seems that something had to give, and give it most certainly did.


Firefox 3.6 Gets Official

January 22, 2010

Mozilla’s latest version of its browser, Firefox 3.6, has seen some delays, but it is now available for download for those who had avoided the beta until now.

Earlier this week, Mozilla released a second release candidate for version 3.6 of its Firefox browser, sparking some minor rumours that we might see the update delayed further, but those fears were allayed last night when the new version of Firefox was made available for general download through the Firefox page. There are a few interesting changes in the latest version of Firefox that are worth knowing about, for those who avoided the beta.


Firefox 3.6 Nears Completion

January 12, 2010

Firefox users disappointed by the delay to the newest version of the browser will be pleased to hear that it’s just about done, with a release candidate having been rolled out to beta users already.

Mozilla’s own word on the release candidate for Firefox 3.6 is that it may still see some unexpected updates, but there’s every chance that this is the version that sees release when Firefox 3.6 goes public. The list of updates includes things that those in the beta may already have encountered, with some of them ranging from “useful occasionally” to “likely to become very annoying indeed.” According to Mozilla, some of the changes we can expect include,


Google Talks Up Mobile Gmail

December 18, 2009

Google has taken some time to talk about the manifold ways in which the company has improved the mobile version of its Gmail service, having made the mobile app two to three times faster today than it was in April.

Try to imagine that the 'Beta' tag isn't there 😉

Interestingly enough, the thought process behind the mobile version of Gmail closely echoes that of Mozilla’s head of mobile, Jay Sullivan, saying that the fact that a “growing number of mobile devices” now ship with a usable web browser built in. This allows Google’s developers to rely on an app being present that will be alright with HTML and JavaScript and will work across a plethora of different devices.


Google Launches New Homepage

December 3, 2009

Google has been playing around with some new designs lately, even going so far as to update the buttons on its homepage, but now it’s gone one step further and updated the whole thing.

The latest addition to the Google page is that the search box and logo load first, without any untoward delay, and then other (less prominent) bits and pieces load up in the background and fade in as they become available. The latest posting on the Google blog explains the reasoning behind the latest change to Google’s by now iconic homepage.


Chrome Frame Makes IE8 10 Times Faster

September 25, 2009

We already know that Microsoft seems to have a serious problem with Google’s Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. Now though, we also know that Chrome Frame provides a serious performance boost for IE8.

Google Chrome Logo

Microsoft has stated time and time again that Internet Explorer 8 is the fastest version of Internet Explorer going, representing as it does the culmination of years of development on the various different flavours of Internet Explorer. The problem is that, according to TechWorld, Internet Explorer 8 runs literally ten times faster if you set up Google’s Chrome Frame.