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Modern Warfare DLC to Hit Xbox First

January 8, 2010

Word has arrived from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that Microsoft has managed to get downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 before other platforms.

According to the report from gaming blog Destructoid, the by now inevitable downloadable content for the record breaking latest entry to the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2, will appear on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 before being made available on either of the other two platforms on which people are playing the game, the PC and Sony’s PlayStation 3.



Modern Warfare 2 Sees Massive Piracy

December 30, 2009

The latest addition to the Call of Duty series, the record breakingly popular Modern Warfare 2, has managed to become the most illegally pirated game of 2009, despite being released so late this year.

The fact that Modern Warfare 2 has topped the list of games being pirated this year should come as no surprise given the massive hype leading up to the game’s launch and the almost undiluted praise of its multiplayer, to say nothing of its record breaking launch. Still, those involved will be disappointed with the news, especially given the lengths to which the developers behind Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward, had gone to prevent illegal piracy.


Modern Warfare 2 Stays Locked on Steam

November 11, 2009

Users who have bought Modern Warfare 2 via Steam are seeing some fuss about just when their game will be playable. Initial word had been that the game would release on Thursday, but last night that date changed to November 13th, putting release on Friday.

Steam Logo

While the world and it’s mother was out helping the latest installment in the Call of Duty series on its road to breaking records, many PC gamers opted for the digital distribution route, choosing to download the game via Valve’s Steam service. Now though, it seems that those who opted to download the game via Steam, despite having the full game sitting on their drive already, can’t actually play it until Thursday.


Modern Warfare 2 Poised for Record

November 10, 2009

With the world and its mother either excited or enraged by Infinity Ward’s latest entry to the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2, it seems the game is likely to break records regardless of the controversy surrounding it.

Modern Warfare 2 art

According to the BBC, the folks at HMV are convinced that its going to break the record number of copies sold in its first week of release. A spokesperson for the company said as much in no uncertain terms, telling the BBC that, “We estimate the game will exceed 1m UK sales in its first week, which would be a new record.” Certainly, it’d be an achievement for the folks at Infinity Ward to break that record, but to do so in spite of the negative press surrounding the game is only more impressive.