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Company Update:

January 12, 2010

As you may have seen, Komplett has today sold our BV unit which includes, and to ParaDigit BV.

Firstly, I’d like to say that from a personal perspective as country manager for Ireland I think this is a positive move, and I think it will bring real benefits both to our business and to our customers in the very near future. On April 1st the deal will be formally concluded and we will transfer into the ParaDigit group, so for the moment there’ll be no immediate changes or effects noticeable from a customer perspective.

From the first of April, we will be moving forward with what I expect to be an extremely interesting and exciting plan to expand the business. Our plan, long term, in Ireland, is to be remain the market leader in e-commerce in what is a relatively small but fast-growing market for internet shopping.

In September of 2008 we opened a local office here and since then have been growing both our team and our presence here, including our Dublin Pickup Point which has been growing from strength to strength in this time.

I fully expect the future to be a bright one for and it’s one that we internally are very excited about. We hope that you will see, in the coming months, the benefits of this deal as a customer.

Aaron McKenna, Country Manager, Komplett Ireland


Customer Service Announcement

January 7, 2010

Hey there all, hopefully everone’s doing well today, despite the mountains of snow we seem to have had dumped on us over the last 24 hours or so. I’ve been asked to make an update to let everyone know that due to the unusually heavy snowfall, our customer service has been curtailed a little.

Things were pretty grim for a bit there... staring down the barrel of impomptu office sleepover.

Still, our Pickup Point is operating as normal, and is open from 1100 to 1900 Monday to Friday and 1100 to 1500. If anyone is thinking of travelling out to the Pickup Point, we’d advise checking the conditions of the roads in advance. If you can’t make it out in time to pick up your order, then you can shoot us an email at with the subject header marked “Hold Pick Up Point Order No.” and then your order number.

We’ll make sure that your order is held at our Pickup Point for you. We’re sorry for the difficulty guys. Hopefully we can keep everything running smoothly and the snow will manage to buck predictions and hold off for the next while.

Thanks for your patience guys 🙂

O2 Customers Get SMS Twitter

December 18, 2009

Twitter has announced that it has launched its Twitter Text Messaging service in both Ireland and Indonesia today, which implies a kind of alphabetically-based global rollout that probably isn’t happening.

Strangely, we haven’t seen anything from O2 about it, but the Twitter blog is all in a tizzy, telling us that the folks at Twitter are “excited to announce” that 3 Indonesia and O2 Ireland have made Twitter available via SMS to their respective users. The text message service isn’t quite the same as the one currently in place for those using texts to tweet.


Google Goggles Lets You Search What You See

December 8, 2009

Google has introduced a new product to its Android Market in the form of an app called Google Goggles, which lets users use the camera on their phone to grab an image of something and then use that image to run a search.

Google Goggles is certainly an interesting piece of kit, with the folks at Google immediately warning that it has its limitations, but some of the things it can accomplish within those limitations are very impressive indeed. Of course, the example being cited most commonly seems to be taking a picture of a landmark and having Google take that image and return you a bundle of information about it (the example used by Google is the Golden Gate Bridge), but there are far more interesting things afoot than that.


International Sales Locked Down for Ireland vs. France

October 22, 2009

The French FA has made the fairly unusual move of ensuring that tickets for the upcoming Ireland-France game available neither by phone or by internet, limiting Irish fans’ access to tickets.

eiffel tower

The Irish Times is carrying news that Irish fans looking to pick up tickets will only be able to get them if they manage to get some of the relatively tight allotment for the FAI or, y’know, physically go to France (or failing that know someone in France who’ll be happy to pick up tickets for them). Pleasantly enough, the news hasn’t drowned everyone’s hopes, FAI’s John Delaney seemed particularly optimistic, saying that,

(more…) Is, Ironically, Done

October 19, 2009

Ben Dunne has killed off his own latest project,, admitting that the service simply didn’t garner the kind of numbers it would have needed to be maintained.

Ben Dunne

According to the Herald, Dunne’s site, which was to offer a simple ‘Buy and Sell’ style approach to selling online, was taken down yesterday, having not quite taken off. Dunne himself described the project in fairly harsh terms, telling the Herald that, “It was a disaster. It had to be taken down because there were a lot of snags. Far more than I thought we would have.”


Amazon Announces Worldwide Kindle

October 7, 2009

Amazon has announced that its upcoming Kindle, the successor to the popular e-book reader, is to be made available internationally.

amazon kindle

Amazon has seen pretty unprecedented success with its Kindle e-book reader (at the very least, unprecedented by the standards of other e-book readers). Until now though the Kindle has always been fairly firmly a US only deice. That seems set to change with the announcement of a new device, which hasn’t yet been named, but we’re hopeful it’s a little more inspiring than “Kindle DX.”


Palm Pre Irish Release Dated

September 24, 2009

O2 has finally announced the release dates for Palm’s Pre Smartphone in Europe, including the Irish release date, which is to be October 16th.


Moreover, we haven’t just been given a release date for the device in Ireland, the UK and Germany, O2 has also posted details of the pricing plans it will have available to its Irish customers when the phone hits here, and the news is a lot like the news we posted during the iPhone launch. Palm’s Pre will cost you more if you’re Irish than if you’re living in the UK. Fortunately, it’s a bit less severe.


Eircom Deal Could See New Ownership

September 14, 2009

Eircom’s current owners have agreed to the terms of a potential takeover set down by Singapore Technologies Telemedia, it is currently advising its shareholders to agree to the deal.


It’s been fairly widely reported that Eircom has been all-but-sold to Singapore Technologies Telemedia Communications, pending the agreement of its shareholders to the takeover arrangement in December of this year. It’s no secret that Eircom has been doing poorly recently, with The Irish Times reporting that it had managed to incur “an operating loss of €486 million in the year to June.”


Spotify Returns to Invitation Only

September 11, 2009

In a turn of events that goes a very long way to Spotify’s sudden cut in support for Irish non-premium users, the service has announced that it’s having a some trouble keeping up with spiralling demand.

spotify logo

Spotify has announced that it has had to return to an invitation-only model for the UK again. According to a post on the Spotify blog, the move comes after a significant increase in demand following the launch of Spotify’s mobile service. Of course, they’re trying to resolve the whole thing as quickly as possible, but as well you might have guessed, the fact that demand is outstripping the ability to provide a service is pretty good news as far as Spotify is concerned, especially considering the fact that not long ago people seemed to be damning it to failure.