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Could 2010 be the Year of the Budget Tablet?

January 5, 2010

It seems as though 2010 could end up being the year that we remember as the one where tablets hit in a big way, and with a nice, low cost of entry for those of us not quite convinced.

Offering things in multiple colours is a nice substitute for good looks 😉

Engadget is reporting that Freescale has announced that it’s to launch a 7-inch tablet, boasting a 1GHz processor, 512MB of DDR2 RAM and a touch-sensitive display with a resolution of 1024×600. Moreover, the whole thing sits on a drive that weighs in at somewhere between 4GB and 64GB, depending on just how much you’re wiling to splash out for it.



Apple Tablet Sees Delays

December 29, 2009

Word has emerged that Apple’s long-rumoured tablet has seen some fairly significant delays, pushing the device’s release back from an expected, and heavily rumoured, late 2009 release, to a Q1 2010 release.

Word comes via DigiTimes of the delay, which is apparently due to an issue with the glass screens being made for the device. It seems that the issue is one of durability, with the DigiTimes report indicating that, “Apple has been seeking solutions to strengthen the glass of the 10-inch panel for the device” before it’s willing to launch it. Now, it seems that it’s settled that kafuffle, agreeing to work with Foxconn’s optical glass partner G-Tech Optoelectronics.