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Get Going on VOIP for Home Use

February 5, 2010

VOIP was, for a very long time, something that we couldn’t get away from in tech media. It’s convenient, it can save you money, it’s not a total pain in the face to set up (something that can be true of traditional phone options), and it’s something that, for most people, hasn’t quite caught on as much as expected.

While a vast number of people have a Skype account and indeed, at any given time there seems to be anywhere between 15 and 25 million people actually logged in to the service, the fact is that there just doesn’t seem to be too much drive towards VOIP for general home use. Still, it’s worth considering, given the potential savings to be had, and especially with the existence of services like SkypeIn, which mean you’re still contactable at the same phone by others.



Voice Chat Coming to Twitter

September 17, 2009

Word has it that Twitter is to have a voice-chat feature added, though by third party JaJah rather than as an official feature, this coming Thursday.

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According to Cnet, Jajah’s offering will be called Jajah@call and follows very closely the announcement from Vivox yesterday that it would be adding voice calling to Facebook via a browser plugin. Unusual as it is to see two services like this launch so close together, Jajah’s offering manages to make even less sense than Vivox’s by virtue of the fact that its calls will last a maximum of two minutes, in order to facilitate “the verbal equivalent of a tweet.”