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Special Offers – Week of January 25th

January 25, 2010

Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone’s managing the return from the weekend at least reasonably well. For those who aren’t long-time readers, we generally do a post about what we have on special offer on a Monday afternoon, with the intention of having it up on the blog as early in the week as possible… it gives you guys as much of a chance to have a bit of a think about whether or not you’d really like something before it goes out of our Special Offers next Sunday.

This week, we’ve got some nice bits and pieces on offer, so we’ll get straight into them.

Netgear Stora:

Netgear’s Stora is a network attached storage (NAS) setup, for those of you who don’t know what a NAS is, don’t worry, it’s not complicated, and it’s unusually useful.

Click through to check out our page for Netgear's 1TB Stora 🙂

Essentially, a NAS box is a device that houses some storage and sits attached to your network so that the volume is accessible to all of the machines connected. It’s a relatively simple concept, but it tends to be one of those things that a lot of users simply haven’t encountered. Netgear’s Stora boasts a 1TB drive, with space for another 1TB drive if you feel the need to expand it.

For those who haven’t used a NAS before, it’s an ideal way to keep media (whether music or movies) on a centralised drive that’s accessible to every machine on your network. Moreover, as long as you’re not too fussed about having all of your media accessible when you’re out and about, it’s also an excellent way to keep your PCs’ drives free of clutter.

Thanks to the fact that the drive is easily accessible via your local network, you’ll also be able to run backups of your notebook via your wireless network (software permitting), which is probably the closest you’ll get to a totally hassle-free backup experience.

You can also use the option to add another drive to the mix to make your backup that bit more reliable. Since the Stora offers RAID1 support directly, you can generally rely on your backup (or whatever you care to store on it) to be very well looked after indeed, unless there’s some totally catastrophic failure… or a fire.

Netgear’s Stora is down to €164.32 this week, with a 1TB hard drive already in there.

If you’d like to throw in an extra 1TB hard disk, then you could always pick up Samsung’s SpinPoint F3, which will set you back around €77.



Sub-€500 PC Competition Build

January 20, 2010

In December, we ran a competition on to see who could build us the most impressive PC without going over a budget of €500. When I asked if we could do an example post, Ryan had boasted before his first attempt that he could “easily” fit in a copy of Windows, but after several builds not quite affording a hard drive, he gave up on it.

Still, that wasn’t enough to deter member, and eventual competition winner, Orcrist666. As we’ve said above, the whole point of the competition was to build a PC for under €500, but this one goes a bit above and beyond…

We’ll take it from the top…

Power Supply:

Since this is a build that’s being put together on an absolutely minimal budget, it’s not going to be using a phenomenal amount of power.

Click through to see our page for the AXP power supply 🙂

Not using too much power means not having to spend a tremendous amount on a high wattage power supply. Orcrist666’s build uses a fairly simple 500W AXP power supply, which has been well reviewed by just about everyone who has bought it. It’s a little noisy at times, but overall it’s a solid piece of kit.

Considering the fact that the AXP Power Supply ATX weighs in at just €34.86, it’s not a bad old deal at all. A solid base for a budget machine.


Razer Moves to Consoles

January 11, 2010

Gaming peripheral company Razer has announced the launch of a specialised controller for the Xbox 360, alongside a wireless headset with 5.1 surround.

It's a nice looking piece of kit; curious to see how it feels though.

Razer has long been a respected name when it comes to peripherals for gaming PCs, but so far it’s been relatively quiet when it comes to the console market. Now though, it seems the company is to offer high-quality third party peripherals to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It’s a relatively simple move, but one that could see Razer capitalise on the competitive gaming market cornered by the Xbox 360.


Lenovo Debuts Skylight Smartbook

January 5, 2010

Lenova is showing off its latest device, the “smartbook” it’s calling the Skylight, and managing to whip up plenty of positive responses too.

The Skylight is billed as being somewhere between a netbook and a smartphone, though at 10.1” it seems to trend far closer to the netbook side of things than that name might imagine. It boasts a fairly standard netbook-styled keyboard too, but under the skin it’s a lot closer to a smartphone than most of the other netbooks on the market. It doesn’t run Windows either, which is an interesting starting point, considering the current situation in the netbook market, which had a fairly brief flirtation with Linux before returning to Windows.


Special Offers – Week of January 10th

January 4, 2010

Happy new year everyone, hopefully you’re all as warm and well as we are here, despite the icy conditions surrounding Komplett towers. The big thaw is on, everyone is back to work and with it we’ve got some special offers we thoughts you might be interested in… for the “back to work” vibe.

This week, we’ve got a gorgeous display, a graphics card and a netbook bundle on offer. We won’t stall any longer, here are the products themselves.

Samsung 21.5” LCD Syncmaster 2233SN:

Samsung’s flair for design is something that comes up time and time again when we talk about displays. The fact is that they’re not the cheapest when it comes to hardware, but the kit is well worth the asking price when you factor in how good it looks.

Click through to see our page for the Samsung Syncmaster 2233SN 🙂

Samsung’s Syncmaster 2233SN is a 21.5-inch, widescreen display with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, which should mean you’re not hampered at all when it comes to viewing high-definition content or playing games. The response time is low at 5ms, so sports fans and gamers should be well catered to.

The case is a glossy black, tapering to a transparent bevel along the bottom of the display, with a nice, slim stand to prop the whole thing up. It’s relatively simple, but gives the whole affair a classy kind of a feel that many other displays don’t quite manage.

Samsung’s Syncmaster 2233SN has been dropped to €144.99 this week, which isn’t a bad old deal at all.


Microsoft Testing Futuristic Inputs

November 19, 2009

It turns out that Microsoft isn’t just working on multi-touch mice in an effort to explore next-generation input options, it’s been revealed that the company is also working on input methods that are a little more tactile.

The new interface doesn’t respond to clicks in the same way as a mouse might, but instead allows users to sink their fingers into a fluid-filled bladder, taking input from the various massaging actions that the human hand can apply to the whole device. According to a report from Technology Review,

“At the base of the new device is a ‘sensor tile’ produces magnetic fields above its surface. By detecting disturbances to those fields, the system can track the movement of a metal object across its surface, or the manipulation of a bladder filled with iron filings or a magnetic fluid.”


Product Spotlight – Roccat

November 5, 2009

Good afternoon all, hopefully the week’s been kind to you so far, but if it hasn’t there’s always the fact that it’s Thursday and nearly the end of the week to cheer you up. For those of you who are new, once a week we do a Product Spotlight post to tell you guys about something someone from the office really likes. It’s nice and easy, like a staff picks column 😉

Anyway, this week’s product spotlight is going to deviate from the norm a little in that we’re kind of publicising a few different things by one company, because they’re a fairly big name elsewhere, but it looks like nobody else in the country carries any of their stuff, so people aren’t too familiar with them.

Click through to see our product page for the Roccat Kone :)

Click through to see our product page for the Roccat Kone 🙂

Roccat, for those who haven’t encountered it before, makes a lot of gaming hardware. We’ve already done a piece up about its prized gaming mouse, which we absolutely love to pieces. If you’re at all interested, it’s somewhere between Razer’s Deathadder and Mamba, but with a body shaped to accommodate the thumb a little more.

It’s an excellent mouse at a mid-range price point, which is always hard to complain about. You can check out our blog post on the Kone here or the product page for the mouse itself here if you’re intrigued enough to consider ordering it. At €65 it sits between the lower end gaming mice and the high end, a spot that’s sadly under-populated.


Friday Afternoon – Two Hours to the Weekend

October 16, 2009

Hey there all, hopefully you’ve had as good a week as we have. It’s been busy out here, especially now that winter is starting to crank up again. Still, we’re putting on a brave face and it’s good to see the sun out on a Friday afternoon even in mid-October. For those of you who don’t follow the blog too regularly, we like our last post of the week to put a smile on people’s faces, so this is just a post to try and boost that Friday feeling 🙂

It’s always nice to post a video that’s made us laugh out loud, and the above is some of the most dedicated stop motion I’ve ever seen. It’s a bit on the long side, but you’ll have gotten the most out of it by about a minute in anyway.


Intel Demoes Four Screen Notebook

September 24, 2009

Intel has been playing around with some interesting concepts at its Intel Developers Forum event, including a notebook with four screens.


Fortunately, it’s not four screens in some elaborate folding array, as a four-screened notebook might seem to imply. Three of the displays are smaller, OLED touch-sensitive displays (not unlike those on most digital cameras) line the top of the keyboard, offering some fairly interesting multimedia integration.


Special Offers – July 20th

July 20, 2009

This week we have three products on special offer (as opposed to the raft we had to choose from during our Summer Sale last week). That said, you can get a good deal on all three, which is always nice. The first two products are a Logitech keyboard and mouse combo and a hard drive. It’s always nice to have cheap options for both because they tend to end up being the hardware people need to buy multiples of – whether it’s to set up a RAID array or just because you’ve added an extra machine to your house.

Logitech Cordless Desktop LX710

Logitech’s cordless desktop setup is one of those things that seems like an odd idea until you realise the point of it, and once you have it all falls into place. One of the ideal situations to deploy and entirely wireless keyboard and mouse arrangement is if you’ve followed our guide to building your own home theatre PC and now need something slick and elegant (read: without trailing cables across the living room) to sit on your coffee table and let you control the whole thing without any fuss.