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Get Going on VOIP for Home Use

February 5, 2010

VOIP was, for a very long time, something that we couldn’t get away from in tech media. It’s convenient, it can save you money, it’s not a total pain in the face to set up (something that can be true of traditional phone options), and it’s something that, for most people, hasn’t quite caught on as much as expected.

While a vast number of people have a Skype account and indeed, at any given time there seems to be anywhere between 15 and 25 million people actually logged in to the service, the fact is that there just doesn’t seem to be too much drive towards VOIP for general home use. Still, it’s worth considering, given the potential savings to be had, and especially with the existence of services like SkypeIn, which mean you’re still contactable at the same phone by others.



WiMAX to Bolster Irish Internet

January 29, 2010

It seems that Imagine isn’t the only company eying a wide scale WiMAX rollout in Ireland as one of the ways to easily supply wide-scale internet to a country whose population is, by and large, quite thinly spread.

It's hard to say no with a logo like that 🙂

Indeed, according to SiliconRepublic it seems that the Telocommunications and Internet Federation [TIF] is on board with plans for a WiMAX rollout, citing the fact that the wireless standard facilitates relatively high-speed internet connections across large areas, whether urban or rural. It’s an interesting point, and it’s certainly true that a wide scale WiMAX rollout would cost significantly less than trailing cable across the countryside, but just how well it works out remains to be seen.


HTC to Delay Android 2.0 Release

December 7, 2009

It seems that HTC is having some issues getting its first Android 2.0 smartphone out in time for Christmas, as had been the plan for a long time, with sources saying that the company will be delaying the phone into 2010.

Word comes from Digitimes that HTC’s Android 2.0 based smartphone, the Passion, will most likely be delayed into next year while the company works to optimise the display and processor. Display issues with apps in the Android Market using Motorola’s Android 2.0 offering, the Droid, could well have precipitated HTC spending a little extra time on the device to ensure that it’s as usable as possible.