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Product Spotlight – Garmin Nuvi 200W

February 4, 2010

Good afternoon folks, hopefully it’s been a good week so far for those of you out there in internet-land. As those of you who’ve read the blog for a while now will know, we like to post up one product every week or so that someone in the office has taken a particular shine to. It’s basically a space where those of us working in the office can recommend a product that we’re using ourselves for those of you who might be looking for something similar.

Click through to check out our page for Garmin's Nuvi 200W 🙂

Anyway, this week our spotlit product is Garmin’s Nuvi 200W. It’s a relatively straightforward GPS that does just about everything you need it to, without overloading on features, so it’s not weighed down in terms of bulk or cost. Essentially, it’s that fact that makes it so attractive. It’s not going to bury you in features, but it should give you just about everything you need without breaking the bank… moreover, it looks well.



Google Offers Location-Sensitive Search

January 15, 2010

Google has announced that it is to offer location-sensitive search as an option for those of us with Android-based devices or Apple’s iPhone to offer more accurate search results.

According to a post on the Google Mobile blog from members of Google’s mobile engineering team, the project is should allow for search results to be prioritised based on a user’s current location. The example given is one in which a user searches for the word “Muse” and the suggestions that appear vary according to location. For those in the Boston example, suggestions included “museum of science boston” and “museum of fine arts boston.”