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Boot Camp Gets Win7 Support

January 21, 2010

Apple has update its Boot Camp arrangement for users looking to get Windows on to their Macs so that it now officially supports Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7.

When Apple first announced that it would be updating Boot Camp so that it supported Windows 7, it had guaranteed that the update would be available by the end of 2009. While it might not seem as though three weeks is too far over the mark for those anxious to get an officially supported install going, it was enough to provoke some fairly dire speculation about the state of Windows 7 on Mac and how it interacted with Mac OS.



Apple Tablet Sees Delays

December 29, 2009

Word has emerged that Apple’s long-rumoured tablet has seen some fairly significant delays, pushing the device’s release back from an expected, and heavily rumoured, late 2009 release, to a Q1 2010 release.

Word comes via DigiTimes of the delay, which is apparently due to an issue with the glass screens being made for the device. It seems that the issue is one of durability, with the DigiTimes report indicating that, “Apple has been seeking solutions to strengthen the glass of the 10-inch panel for the device” before it’s willing to launch it. Now, it seems that it’s settled that kafuffle, agreeing to work with Foxconn’s optical glass partner G-Tech Optoelectronics.


Amazon’s Kindle DRM Cracked

December 22, 2009

Amazon’s Kindle has been the driving success behind Amazon’s digital shop for selling ebooks, where most imagine Amazon makes the real money from its Kindle line. Now though, the DRM that keeps everything secure has been cracked.

The Kindle store has been rolled out to desktops and Apple’s App Store (meaning the iPhone and iPod Touch) already, but it seems that some just can’t wait to make the Kindle’s shopping options available to other devices. Things are certainly heating up around the Kindle lately, and Apple seems happy to make the service available on as many devices as possible with BlackBerry and Mac versions both due at some point in 2010.


Google Pushes Chrome to Apple Users

December 18, 2009

Google has started pushing Chrome to Mac users in a big way, going so far as to post an ad for the new service on the main Google page itself if you’re viewing it from an Apple machine.

Google’s browser may well have taken an awfully long time to find its way to Apple’s Mac OSX, but now that it’s there it seems that the search giant is doing everything in its power to get users to move from Safari, Firefox and Opera Mac over to the light-weight Chrome browser. Indeed, this news comes after word was released earlier this week that Chrome had just managed to outpace Safari in terms of browser saturation.


Google Chrome for Mac Hits

December 9, 2009

Google had been teasing people with its promise of the release of a Mac version of its Chrome browser that wasn’t a developer build, the dev-builds of Chrome having been just a touch unreliable.

Google had hinted that we could expect the beta version of Chrome this week when, on Monday, it changed the splash page for the Chromium (for Mac) page, updating it to the Chrome for Mac roadmap, outlining that the remaining bugs preventing the release of a Mac version of the lightweight browser had been patched out and that the company would be proceeding to add the same features as the latest version of Chrome on Windows machines.


Mac to See Chrome Sooner than Expected

December 4, 2009

Word is leaking out that Google’s web browser, Chrome, is getting closer and closer to a genuine beta release for Mac users, who until now have had the choice between the fairly unstable developer builds of Chromium and… well, nothing.

According to the guys over at TechCrunch, Google’s own page for Chromium has been updated fairy substantially, moving neatly from a “Detailed Status” page for the Chromium Mac side to a full fledged “Mac OS X Roadmap,” which is hard to argue with. Moreover, it seems that those bugs that had been holding up the beta version of Chrome for Mac users have now been ironed, out leaving the way clear for a proper release of the browser.


Microsoft Shifting Focus to Windows 8 in July

December 3, 2009

Microsoft’s Windows 7 may only have been released a month and a handful of days ago, but it seems as though the company is very much gearing itself up for Windows 8 already.

According to a job posting from Microsoft that various news agencies have managed to sit down and read over in depth, it seems that Microsoft intends to shift its primary focus from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with the beginning of the financial year 2011, which works out to July of 2011 in old money. If nothing else, it’s certainly curious. Windows 8 is mentioned in this paragraph specifically,


Microsoft Planning 2012 Windows 8 Release

November 24, 2009

Details might well be a little scarce when it coming to Microsoft’s already in-development next operating system, Windows 8, but thanks to an apparent leak it seems as though the OS will be ready for release in 2012.

Word comes from Msftkitchen of the leak, which is essentially a single slide from Microsoft’s own roadmap, headed “Windows Server Release Cadence,” which handily enough lists a “major release” in 2012 of something that is so far simply referred to as “Code name ‘Windows 8.’” While that’s just a codename, it seems fairly obvious what conclusions might be drawn from it.


Intel Atom Support Hacked into Mac OS

November 23, 2009

With the release of its lastest update to Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.2, Apple has cut support for Intel’s mobile processor line, the Atom. Now though, it seems that some intrepid “hackintosh” users have hacked support for the Atom back into the OS.

Mac OS X has long been the challenging alternative operating system to install on netbooks, and that looks set to continue now that the hackintosh crowd has managed to pull Atom support into a version of Mac OS that seems deliberately built to negate it. It’s been speculated already that Apple’s decision to drop support for Intel’s Atom line was born specifically out of the will to cut down on the number of non-Apple machines running Apple’s OS. If that’s the case, then Apple won’t be happy with the news.


Google Details Chrome OS

November 20, 2009

Google took the time yesterday to show off its upcoming entry to the operating system stakes, Chrome OS, and from what we’ve seen so far it looks to be very interesting indeed.

Google’s open source OS has always been talked about in terms of approaching the OS from a different direction than existing products like Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X, and while it’s based on Linux, it seems that Chrome OS will be quite different from Linux as we know it. According to the BBC, Google has confirmed that Chrome OS is on schedule for a 2010 release and revealed some very interesting details indeed about the OS itself.