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CrunchPad Becomes JooJoo

December 8, 2009

Fusion Garage showed off the device formerly known as CrunchPad, now known as the JooJoo Internet Tablet, to the press for the first time last night, giving us a look at just what Michael Arrington’s brainchild has become during the journey from concept to reality.

TGDaily is carrying the story straight from Chandra Rathakrishnan’s demonstration of the product itself, and the device that could once have been the CrunchPad certainly seems dressed to impress. Some of the promises originally made of the CrunchPad have certainly been kept, including the fact that the device boots in a very impressive nine seconds, boasts no physical buttons except for the power switch and supports gesture-based controls.



Toshiba Reveals Tablet PC

September 4, 2009

Toshiba has announced that its touch screen tablet, the JournE Touch should launch in time to see some of that precious Christmas time sales action.

toshiba tablet

Word comes via CNet that Toshiba’s tablet, revealed yesterday at the IFA, will boast a 7” screen in a 16:9 form factor and with an LED based touchscreen. As well you might expect at this size, it also boasts wireless and is running on an ARM-based processor. Perhaps the only reason not to get excited is the news that it’ll launch running Windows CE, if you’re opposed to Windows CE.


Archos to Launch Android Tablet

August 20, 2009

Word is leaking out about a new device from French portable media player manufacturer, Archos. The upcoming gadget is to be an Android powered tablet capable of 720p playback.


As you might well expect from any new touch-sensitive Archos devices, the device is rumoured to act as an MID (mobile internet device) as well as a portable media player. Gizmodo is reporting that we can expect to see a device with a five-inch screen. What’s most interesting though is the inference Gizmodo has drawn that it’ll boast its own 3.5G internet connection, a feature largely unavailable in devices not designed specifically for the purpose in Europe.


Netbook Demand Outstripping Processor Supply

July 31, 2009

As much as it’s been said that netbooks will never catch on (whether because of their small size or their relative lack of heavyweight computing power), it looks as though Intel is having some serious trouble keeping up with the demand for its Atom processors.


There’s relatively little known about the shortage of Intel’s Atom Z processors for now apart from the fact that Intel has told its customers that it won’t be taking any more orders for Atom Z processors. Digitimes is reporting that the company is “close to completely digesting its inventory,” which if nothing else communicates the gravity of the situation quite nicely.