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MSI to Hit Tablet Bandwagon

February 1, 2010

It seems that announcements of new tablet PCs are still coming in thick and fast, with MSI expected to release its tablet offering in the second half of this year.

It certainly looks nice, though that border is a bit wide...

Indeed, it seems that MSI’s device will be running Google’s Android OS, which is in keeping with Apple’s decision to run with its iPhone OS… so we could well be moving towards a world in which more tablets run mobile operating systems, rather than more resource-hungry desktop OSes. Indeed, Dell’s soon to be released Mini 5 tablet runs Google’s Android too. Still, there are plenty of Windows XP-based tablets out there.



Sub-€500 PC Competition Build

January 20, 2010

In December, we ran a competition on to see who could build us the most impressive PC without going over a budget of €500. When I asked if we could do an example post, Ryan had boasted before his first attempt that he could “easily” fit in a copy of Windows, but after several builds not quite affording a hard drive, he gave up on it.

Still, that wasn’t enough to deter member, and eventual competition winner, Orcrist666. As we’ve said above, the whole point of the competition was to build a PC for under €500, but this one goes a bit above and beyond…

We’ll take it from the top…

Power Supply:

Since this is a build that’s being put together on an absolutely minimal budget, it’s not going to be using a phenomenal amount of power.

Click through to see our page for the AXP power supply 🙂

Not using too much power means not having to spend a tremendous amount on a high wattage power supply. Orcrist666’s build uses a fairly simple 500W AXP power supply, which has been well reviewed by just about everyone who has bought it. It’s a little noisy at times, but overall it’s a solid piece of kit.

Considering the fact that the AXP Power Supply ATX weighs in at just €34.86, it’s not a bad old deal at all. A solid base for a budget machine.


Review of the Reviews: Intel Core i3

January 19, 2010

We trawl the net so you don’t have to…

With the Intel Core 2 finding itself phased out late last year, the Core i3 – along with Core i7 and Core i5 – has been released to generally good reviews thus far. Considering how utterly successful the Core 2 processors were Intel has a lot of eyes focusing on their work this time around. However, as we sifted through some of the reviews out there of the i3 530 and 540 since their release a few weeks back, it became clear that Intel has met most expectations.

Early reports on Intel’s Core i3 capabilities have been positive

The two Core i3 models are dual-core, hyper-threading-equipped CPUs with 3MB shared L3 cache which is DDR3-1066-compatible. While most run-downs on the merits of the new range note that the Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs are “intended to be slower” than the i7, they are considerably cheaper to boot.


MSI Shows Off Pine Trail Netbooks

January 6, 2010

MSI has taken the opportunity to unveil its new line of netbooks, boasting the next-generation of Intel’s Atom processor, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Word comes via the Register that the MSI Wind U135, which had been rumoured to include a Pine Trail processor just before Christmas, weighs in at around the ten-inch mark and boasts the Atom N450. That means that MSI’s new netbook has an energy efficient single core, dual threaded processor.

Perhaps more interesting still is the news that MSI’s U135 has been the first netbook based on the upcoming Pine Trail chip to receive a WiMAX certification from the folks at Intel, which is good news for those who’ve been waiting for a more WiMAX enabled future to creep up on them.


Competition – Win a Nettop

December 18, 2009

Good morning everyone, hopefully you’re feeling hale and hearty on this decreasingly snowy, but still nice and crisp winter’s morning. We’re happy to announce that, as part of our Advent Calendar competition, we’re giving away an MSI Wind Nettop 120.

Click through to enter our Advent Calendar competition

For those of you who haven’t encountered nettops yet, they run on the same principle as a netbook does for notebooks, only in desktop terms. Where a netbook is a slimmed down notebook that sacrifices some performance for portability and size, a nettop is a slimmed down desktop that just gets the job done.


Build Your Own – Gaming PC

December 2, 2009

Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone’s doing well now that we’re passed the halfway mark and now hurdling towards the weekend. Some of you might remember the piece we posted last week where we told Ryan to put together a PC build weighing in at under the €1,200 mark. We always get feedback on PC builds, so we’ve decided to run with it.

Ryan's gaming rig came in today - note the SSD & HDD combo 😉

When Ryan’s build went up, we asked the folks over at our Talk To Komplett forum to take a look at the build and see what they thought of it. After all, Ryan’s only Welsh, so surely we could get a decent home grown machine out of the charming constituents. Indeed, we got a few interesting builds, but we’ve decided to post the best of them here.

We won’t keep you waiting, so the without any delay we’ll tell you that the very impressive build we have here come from a man known to us only as Messerschmitt, and it turns out he’s a bit of a hero.

The Messerschmitt:

Messerschmitt’s build boasts some similarity to Ryan’s, at the very least, they both boast the same case. The Cooler Master HAF 922 is a relatively low-cost case with lots of space for cables, good airflow and it only looks a touch ungodly. Not much more to say about it than that really.

You can find the Cooler Master HAF 922 here, for the princely sum of €92. You can also check out the absolute raft of awards its won on the same page.


Where Ryan went for an Intel Core i5 processor to keep costs down, Messerschmitt has instead opted to splash out, going for a Core i7 Quad. Ryan was of the opinion that if you were building on a budget Core i5 might suit your needs better, but clearly that’s not the way everyone flies.

Click through to see our page for the Core i7 Quad 🙂

Moreover, the addition of a Core i7 processor offers a nice bit of future-proofing, for those who are building a machine they’d like to see last a while, rather than one they’ll be upgrading continuously to pull more and more performance from. It’s also excellent to see that all of its reviews rate it at 5/5 with everyone seeming very pleased indeed.

At the moment, the Intel Core i7 Quad (i7-920) is €242, which is pretty hefty compared to Ryan’s Core i5, but fits very well into this build.


Special Offers – Week of November 23rd

November 23, 2009

Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone’s had a good weekend and we’re all reasonably well recovered from last week, which was a bit of a nightmare. Anyway, for those of you who don’t read the blog too often, we tend to post our special offers for the week on a Monday afternoon, since it means they’re up for the maximum amount of time.

It gives people a chance to weigh up their options and consider whether or not they’d like to go for something while it’s on special. It’s best for all concerned really 🙂

This week, we’ve got special offers on a portable external drive, a graphics card and a digital photo frame (since nobody buys themselves a digital photo frame, it’s an excellent one to buy as a gift).

WD Passport Studio 320GB:

Western Digital’s Passport remains among the most popular USB-powered portable externals we stock, while it’s bigger brother, the Western Digital Elements, dominates the 1TB external range in a fairly similar fashion.

Click through to see our page for the WD Passport Studio 320GB 🙂

The 320GB Passport Studio is a little different though, in that it boasts Firewire support, which is nothing to be sneezed at. It does mean you’ll be paying a little more for the privilege, but the advantages are fairly plane; Firewire is that bit quicker than USB if you’re doing a big transfer.

While most notebooks (and since it’s a USB-powered external we’ll assume notebook users will be the greater portion of those interested) don’t boast their own Firewire ports, Mac users will likely already be fairly familiar with the standard. Moreover, it supports standard USB 2.0 connections as well, so if you’re an occasional Mac user it’s well worth looking into.

For those Mac users out there considering it, it’s also an ideal home for a Time Machine backup, especially considering the fact that it’s already silver, so it’ll blend in neatly with your existing hardware… which probably isn’t as important when you’re considering a backup as it is to me, but it’s a consideration 😉

All that aside, the WD Passport Studio 320GB is knocked down by 25% this week to €119. Not bad at all.


Special Offers – Week of October 12th

October 12, 2009

Good afternoon all, hopefully this week has been kind to you and you’ve had as good a weekend as we have. To those of you we met at the Irish Web Awards, it was excellent to meet you, especially those of you who got up and had a dance 🙂

For those of you who aren’t familiar, we do up a fairly simple blog post every Monday afternoon that basically outlines some of the products we have on special offer during the week. We do it on a Monday do you have the maximum amount of time to order it while the price is down, mull it over or convince the husband/wife that it’s a solid buy.

This week we’ve got a graphics card, a solid all ‘round upgrade kit and a case… between them you could build a fair machine with mot much else 😉

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 1GB:

Sapphire’s Radeon HD 4890 is a solid card, and we’ve got it down to €171.50, so it won’t break the bank. As usual, there are so many different areas people might be interested in when it comes to shopping for a graphics card that it doesn’t really make sense to just list off all of the specifications. If you’re interested in the HD 4890 then you should have a look at the product page for it.

Click through to see the Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 in more detail :)

Click through to see the Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 in more detail 🙂

For those with an interest in some of the beefier points, it’ll support resolutions up to 2560 x 1600, which isn’t something to sneeze at. It’ll also support two monitors, for those with two displays (or who are looking to add one to an existing arrangement). It’s also won a host of awards, which is always nice to see for a product on sale.

Sapphire Awards

You can check out our page for the Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 for more details. It’s also got a single customer review that rates it at 5/5, which is good to see too 🙂


Dell Announces Ultra-Thin laptop

September 10, 2009

It looks as though Apple’s Macbook Air and MSi’s X340 aren’t going to want for company in the ultra-thin laptop category; Dell has announced an ultra-thin laptop of its own, the Adamo.

Dell Adamo

Dell has posted a teaser page for its new machine, fairly needlessly highlighting the fact that it measures just 9.99mm thick, which makes it the machine to envy in the thinness stakes. We’re not quite sure why they didn’t just tag it as, Less than a centimetre thick, but perhaps they worried that might dilute it a little.”


Special Offers – Week of September 1st

September 1, 2009

Good afternoon all, you’ll have to excuse the lateness of this post. Normally we post our Special Offers for the week on a Monday afternoon so you guys have as long as possible to take a look through them and weigh up options before you decide whether or not you’d like to buy something that’s on offer, but I was sick yesterday.

Anyway, this week we have some fairly big items on offer, including a Panasonic Blu-Ray player and sound setup, an Antec 850W power supply and an MSi motherboard.

Panasonic SC-BT200EB-K Home Cinema:

This is a fairly unusual bundle, but it’s a solid deal for anyone looking to round out or build their own home theatre setup. At its core it’s a Panasonic Blu-Ray player and a full 5.1 surround sound setup. Moreover, it’s marked down 8% this week, so it’ll set you back just about €579.

Click through to see the product page for the Panasonic Home Cinema setup :)

Click through to see the product page for the Panasonic Home Cinema setup 🙂

Moreover, it’s the little things that make a setup like this worth the investment. Anyone who’s opted to go with Apple for their portable music player of choice will be pleased to see that there’s an iPod cradle built in, which facilitates those of us who’ve moved on from the world of CDs and onto portable media for all of our music. If you’re like us and like to keep up with the news while you’re working around the house, the built-in FM radio is a welcome addition.