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The R2 Has Landed

February 5, 2010

Cylons won’t be quaking in their boots (do they have boots) just yet, but today sees the announcement that, after three years of work, a link up between NASA and General Motors (GM) has produced a humanoid robot named Robonaut 2.

Some R2s, possibly discussing which one looks more like they’re in Daft Punk.

While GM would like to eliminate some of the duller, more repetitive jobs that its workers face (Ed: or possibly the workers altogether) by using the Robonaut 2, NASA is interested in the idea of developing humanoid robots that can work side by side with astronauts in space.



NASA Take One Small Step… out of the ’90s

January 26, 2010

NASA’s aging communications technology is getting a timely boost as a project to bring their current systems out of the ‘90s (yes, the ‘90s) begins to kick into gear. It may take eight years to accomplish but it’s severely needed as news reports indicate that, on the International Space Station for example, they currently have to make do with a “connection comparable to dial-up that’s only a week old, while the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is gobbling up over 450 gigabytes of data a day”.

NASA’s unified comms are set to get a much needed boost.

Reports,, “A new plan by NASA will see the agency consolidating its Space Network (SN), Near-Earth Network (NEN) and Deep Space Network (DSN) into one unified system as the agency goes about replacing aging communications technology”.


NASA Inundated After 2012 Release

November 18, 2009

NASA has been working hard to assuage the fears of viewers of the recently released apocalyptic movie 2012, in which the earth is assaulted by massive hunks of space rock.

In a genuinely strange turn of events, considering there didn’t seem to be nearly as much fuss over Armageddon, the movie 2012 has managed to push some people over the edge, with NASA reporting that it’s spending a serious amount of time telling people that they’re not in any more imminent danger from falling cosmic debris and planetary impact than they are at any other point in time. The reason this movie has caused so much panic seems to be that there’s already a tremendous heap of material on the internet stating that the world is going to end in the year 2012… which means that Google isn’t helping to calm people down.


NASA to Stream Moon Crash

October 8, 2009

NASA has announced that this weekend web-based fans of all things high-tech and in space will be able to watch its latest science project smash into the moon at breakneck pace live online.

NASA logo

Basically, NASA’s latest probes will reach the moon at around 1230 tomorrow, so if you’re at all interested in the science and human achievement side of things then you should most definitely take a look at the NASA homepage and stream the whole thing. Still though, you don’t need to be a physicist to appreciate the beauty of what NASA has in play up there, the technical details make it something that even those not particularly interested in space to look forward.