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Samsung Transparent Notebook Nears Release

February 8, 2010

It seems that Samsung is nearing the release of its transparent active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays, with the company likely to release devices boasting the displays over the next 12 months.

Transparent displays are both impressive and a little confusing...

For those who haven’t encountered the AMOLED arrangement, the image above should give some impression. Essentially, the display itself is transparent, meaning your desktop (or whatever else you happen to be watching) is not quite fully transparent, but still pretty hip nonetheless. Still, the technology will likely be more interesting in devices other than notebooks, so it’s curious to see that Samsung does have other devices in the works.



Notebook and Netbook Users – Windows 7 or XP?

February 4, 2010

Battery running low. On a rickety Irish Rail train with no outlet in sight. Notebook or netbook about to die. Little you can do about it but tap away at the keyboard until you’re left with a black screen and an over-priced chicken and stuffing sandwich to distract you when it does so. It’s moments like this that have led to articles like this.

We decided it was time to look at some expert views to help guide both notebook and netbook owners on what’s the best bet for getting the most out of their battery between Windows XP and Windows 7. The men who work in the bowels of Komplett Towers are usually the best to ask these kinds of questions and thankfully Shelton and Ryan – our two RMA guys to the uninitiated – gave some answers and didn’t complain about me distracting them from more important things.

The Canuck Buck Shelton (as absolutely nobody around here calls him) said that “from a ‘keeping current’ standpoint” he’d prefer, if getting a newer notebook, to go with Windows 7. Asked to explain, he said, “It’s a hell of a lot better than Vista was and I generally enjoy it as an alternative to XP. I think though, as Marc (fellow Komplett blogger) recently pointed out to me, XP was never truly written with notebooks in mind, so even though it has less features and is less demanding on the hardware, it’s not as efficient and may end up sucking up a bit more power over time.”

For his part, Ryan – mentioning that you have to remember that battery performance will of course vary from netbook to netbook and notebook to notebook – said that “Windows 7 has more power saving features, if the hardware supports”, but added that’s “pretty much the only thing it offers over XP,” when it comes to trying to save your battery, at least.


Microsoft Finds iPad “Humorous”

January 29, 2010

It seems that the folks at Microsoft aren’t at all worried about Apple’s upcoming tablet, the recently officially announced iPad, with the company’s official line on the device being that they find it to be “humorous.”

The recent tablet announcement from apple puts in a curious situation, when you take it all into account. Microsoft tried desperately around 2000-2002 to launch the tablet, notebook PC as a real option for the average user, though in those days tablets were clunkier things with stylus’ and usually full keyboards. Skip forward almost ten years, and Apple is launching its own tablet, while Microsoft shows some renewed interest in the area that it seemed to have long since given up as a niche with the new line of “slate” styled PCs.


Michael Dell Shows off Tablet

January 29, 2010

It seems that Apple isn’t the only company detailing the release of its upcoming tablet this week, with Dell’s CEO giving a little more detail on the PC giant’s upcoming Mini 5.

We assume it'll also be available in not-pink 🙂

The folks over at TechCrunch had the chance to talk to the man himself while he was in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, where he seemed relatively happy to talk about the upcoming tablet device, including the fact that he expects it to see a launch in the US in the coming months, the first indication of its launch yet given. Sadly, so far there’s no word on Europe, though hopefully that’ll change soon enough.


Nvidia CEO Says PC has Lost its Magic

January 20, 2010

Nvidia’s CEO stated in a recent interview that he feels the PC has “lost its magic” as the platform has matured, with newer hardware no longer offering the same massive shifts it once did.

In the recent BBC interview, Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, was fairly frank and forthright about the state not only of the industry, but also the way we relate to PCs on an individual level and how Nvidia got to where it is today. It’s certainly an interesting look into the mind of a man with a lot of influence over the shape of the industry today. He talks openly about some of Nvidia’s darker days, saying that,


Acer Founder Predicts Death of US PCs

January 19, 2010

Acer’s founder and former chairman, Stan Shih has made the fairly inflammatory comment than he firmly believes US-based PC makers could die out over the next twenty years.

According to the Inquirer, the former Acer chairman made the comments when discussing the current trend towards low-cost PCs, one that he feels north American PC manufacturers can’t hope to ignore. Indeed, Shih’s belief is that the demand for low-cost PCs will continue, and that anyone not serving that market will be left in a very difficult position indeed.


Analysts Predict Rising PC Prices

January 15, 2010

The general rule on hardware is that it gets cheaper as you go, and for the last six years or so, that’s always been the case. Now though, new research indicates that we could see PC prices rise again this year.

Rising disk prices could drive PC prices higher still

According to research from Gartner, one of the biggest reasons for this will be the rising cost of memory. Due to increased demand for flash memory in mobile devices (let’s not forget the vast and quickly growing smartphone market), memory has been something that’s already seen price hikes in recent months, and that’s a trend that looks set to continue if the folks at Gartner are to be believed.


PC Shipments See Growth in 2009

January 14, 2010

Despite being a fairly abominable year, it seems that PC manufacturers managed to see a little growth in 2009, with the Christmas season proving just enough of a boost to give the market some small growth over the year.

Low cost netbooks have helped keep the industry alive.

While the humble netbook was long credited with keeping PC sales up while times were hard it seems that the industry also saw healthy growth from the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7. While the overall growth shows last year was up just 2.3% on 2008, Cnet is reporting that the period just after the launch of Windows 7 saw PC shipments up 15.2%.


HP Unveils its First Touch-Enabled Mini Netbook

January 13, 2010

HP has announced that they’re releasing their first touch-enabled netbook. In amongst a raft of announcements today – including the launch of various other notebooks and desktop PCs – comes the news that the HP Mini 5102 will be available from 1 February.

The new HP Mini 5102 starts at €319

Designed for “mobile professionals and students alike”, it features an all-metal case in black, red or blue and once you start to dissect the features you’ll find face recognition for easy long-on to Windows operating systems and password-protected websites. Starting at only 2.6 pounds the Mini 5102 comes with “a sturdy, lightweight anodized-aluminium display enclosure” as well as an optional, and very neat, little handle.


Democratic Daybreaker – Vote on a Discount

January 8, 2010

Good afternoon all, we’re just coming to the end of what they’re calling “the first week” of “the big freeze” and hoping it doesn’t get too much worse over the next couple of days. In the interim, we’re running a vote to see what product we discount next week as our Democratic Daybreaker.

For those who haven’t seen our Decomacatic Daybreaker before, every week we like to offer a group of products that people can vote on to see discounted the following week. The device that wins will end up being price dropped this coming Thursday for 24 hours. It’s nice and easy, all you guys have to do to vote is leave a comment with the name of the one you want discounted, drop us a line on Twitter or leave a post about it on our forum over at

This week’s potential discounts are:

Samsung N110 netbook (white) – from €279 to €249

Samsung 40” LCD-TV LE40B550 – from €676.21 to €604.86

Vuzix iWear AV31Widescreen – from €158.34 to €149.69

Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 1GB – from €138.42 to €122.43