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Google Touts Chrome OS

October 23, 2009

Google has released some details on Chrome OS, confirming some suspicions about just what its upcoming operating system might actually do, a topic on which it’s been fairly quiet until now.


Eweek is reporting on Google’s VP of product management, Sundar Pichai’s speech at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday, where he essentially said that in a world where people are using web-based applications like Google’s office suite, Gmail and Google Wave then the browser practically becomes an OS in itself. He then went on to talk about Chrome OS in a little detail, saying of users,

“… they don’t manage software, they don’t manage data, everything is in the cloud.”



Microsoft Selling Third Part Software, PCs

October 23, 2009

Many had questioned just what it was that Microsoft intended to do with its brick and mortar Microsoft shops after the launch of Windows 7 (with which opening was timed to coincide). Now though, we have an answer, and it’s a weird one.


Microsoft’s online store (that’s for those who’ve not yet seen it) has started to sell all manner of popular software for PCs, including Nero and Photoshop as well as its own Office and Windows offerings.. Clearly, Microsoft looks to be aligning itself to finally take advantage of the fact that it has it’s hands in pretty much every PC on earth to actually shift some products, which is to be admired. Stranger still is the news that Microsoft is going hardware too.


Google Tweaks Docs for Sudents

September 29, 2009

With back to school season upon us, Google has updated Google Docs, adding new features in an attempt to make the web-based office suite more useful to students.


Google has long been touting Google Docs as an alternative to more expensive office suites like Microsoft Office, but for many students it just isn’t an option because it can’t offer the kind of functionality they require. Google’s update to Docs today adds an equation editor, which should give maths and engineering students some much needed options.


Google Docs Now Boasts Translator

August 28, 2009

Google’s translation service is on of its most maligned services (with engines designed specifically to take advantage of the ridiculous results of translations to and from languages), but it’s also fantastically useful. Now though, you can use Google’s translation service from within Google Docs itself.


Word comes via the Google Blog that the translation service added to Google Docs will support translation into 42 languages. Happily enough, it features the option to replace the original document with the translated text or to add the translated document to a new Google Doc, though with Google Doc’s fairly generous space there’s no real need to overwrite documents (in our experience at least).


Office 2010 Finally Gives Mac Outlook

August 14, 2009

For anyone using Microsoft’s Office suite on an Apple machine, you will by now be aware of the fact that Microsoft’s Mail client for Macs, Entourage, is significantly divorced from Outlook… divorced and a bit ugly.


However, Microsoft has announced that Outlook for Mac will replace Entourage in the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac. While they’re not giving up any details on when we’ll see a Mac version of the new Office suite, it seems a safe bet that Mac users will see a new version of Office released in 2011 (seeing as they tend to drag by a year in translation).


Office Web Won’t Support Google Chrome, Safari or Opera

August 11, 2009

Microsoft has released some more details about the upcoming update to its Office suite in the form of Microsoft Office 2010. The packages much touted web-based versions of certain applications won’t be available to users of three of the top five browsers at the moment, Google Chrome, Apple’s and Opera.


While we’re all in favour of the idea of a Microsoft Office web solution, it coming at the cost of being able to use your browser of choice seems to run counter to the whole spirit of web based apps altogether. While, it’s nice to see that Firefox is supported, the decision not to support the Windows version of Safari 4, while supporting the Mac version, seems decidedly strange.


Office 2010 Suggestion Box Opens

August 11, 2009

Given the backlash has been getting since its decision to move in the same ribbon-interface direction as Microsoft, it make a lot of sense to see Microsoft’s employees opening the development process of Office 2010 up a little, if only in an unofficial capacity.

I'm very glad to see Clippy isn't in the common tags :D

I'm very glad to see Clippy isn't in the common tags 😀

Two Microsoft employees have launched a page with the simple and memorable address of Its mandate is as simple as its name, with the two outlining that,

“We’re two Microsoft employee’s looking to collect customer ideas on how to improve Microsoft Office. If you’ve got a new feature idea or an idea on how to improve Microsoft Office, please share it here…and vote on other ideas you agree with. Through the magic of crowd-sourcing the best ideas should rise to the top.

(more…) Interface Takes a Turn for the MS

August 7, 2009 has long been one of very few options available to anyone looking for a non-web based alternative to Microsoft’s Office suite. will open Office files, without the need for any of that pesky pay business. The issue now is that people who’d grown accustomed to OpenOffice’s layout are now finding it’s changing to one that looks more like Microsoft Office.


The problem stems from what calls Project Renaissance, which has basically just been an attempt to revamp the look and feel of the application. The problem is that it looks an awful lot like the Office 2007 interface we all know and love, which isn’t going down well with long time users at all – it seems the user base has long since grown accustomed to the interface.


Office 2010 Testing Starts

July 30, 2009

When Microsoft revealed that a significant portion of its upcoming Microsoft Office 2010 would be ‘cloud-based’ significant questions were raised about the capacity to deliver a robust experience through the web.


All About Microsoft is reporting that Microsoft has released (to a select number of approved recipients) the “Microsoft Office 2010 Click-To-Run Technical Preview Program for Home, Student and Small Business Consumers.” We’re hoping that catchy name gets kept on until Office 2010’s release. We’re interested to give MO2010CTRTPRHSSBC a go as soon as we can.


Google Announces Docs Revamp

July 17, 2009

Google has announced on its Google Docs Blog that it will be revamping its popular Google Docs setup. They’ve said they’re taking to time to do a “bit of remodelling to the Google Docs list.”


What’s strange is that the first thing up for “remodelling” is the “Shared With” column on the left hand side, which is being axed entirely. We’re not sure about everyone else, but we work in an environment where the “Shared With” list was useful enough to be one of the temptations away from Office and towards Google Docs. It’s not a big worry though, as “Shared With” has been added directly to the search menu, meaning it might not always be on display, but is always within reach.