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Nokia/Apple Suits Continue

December 30, 2009

Nokia and Apple have been tearing into one another in the courts lately, with Nokia launching yet another salvo against Apple this week, alleging further patent infringement on mobile devices.

The whole kafuffle began when Nokia alleged that Apple had infringed no fewer than ten patents it had filed with relation to the various bits and pieces of hardware that make up its by now well established iPhone. Apple’s response was to counter-sue Nokia for a raft of different patents that it filed for the iPhone and felt Nokia had since infringed. Now, it seems, the case continues, with Nokia filing further claims of infringement.



AMD Receives Intel Money

December 14, 2009

AMD has announced that it has received the $1.25 billion sum that the New York Attorney General ruled it was to be paid by Intel after allegations surfaced that Intel had used bribery and coercion to earn it a top position in the processor market.

Word comes via Trading Markets that AMD has received the monetary remuneration it was due from Intel, and that we can likely expect the rest of the rest of the bits and pieces that Intel has promised to go quite smoothly. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the story, Intel wasn’t just forced to pay out the $1.25 billion to AMD, but also:


Apple Patents Sponge Dock

December 14, 2009

Apple has patented a new dock that should be welcome news to anyone who’s living in a household boasting multiple different types of iPods; one that changes shape to fit individual devices.

Pocket Lint] is reporting that Apple’s recently patented dock would allow for the company to manufacture a universal dock, suitable for just about any present and, we would imagine, future iPod devices. The whole point of the new, malleable dock is that it would change shape to match the contours of the device being charged.


Apple Sued Over Cameras

October 30, 2009

It’s come to light that Apple is currently involved in court proceedings brought by St Clair Intellectual Property consultants over its use of digital camera equipment.

iPod Series

Of course, as with so very many patent cases, the whole thing seems to hang fairly tenuously. TG Daily is reporting that the patent Apple is said to have infringed relates to “Electronic Still Video Camera with Direct Personal Computer Digital Format Output.” Strangely enough, it seems that there’s no reason why the vagueness might mean anything good for Apple. The same company has apparently got a long history of winning court cases.


Nokia Sues Apple Over iPhone

October 23, 2009

Nokia has announced that it is suing Apple for patents it claims were violated by the phenomenally successful iPhone.


Nokia is claiming that Apple’s hot smartphone is in violation of fully ten of its patents, which cover the variously broad areas of GSM, UMTS and Wi-Fi. The real question on all of this is just why Nokia has let the iPhone slide on so many egregious patent infringements since its launch two years ago… It’ll be interesting to see how the iPod Touch is handled in this case, since the only one of these technologies it actually uses would appear to be Wi-Fi.


Apple Patent Reveals Ad-Powered OS

October 22, 2009

A patent application filed by Apple reveals what appear to be embryonic plans for an advertising-led operating system.

Mac os Cougar

Apple is a company that clothes itself in glossy style and elegance, it’s practically made its fortune in the notebook space by making sure that it has some of the best looking equipment going… and Mac OS is certainly part of that. Now though, according to a patent filing noticed by the folks over at Engadget, Steve Jobs himself is listed as the brains behind a patent for “Advertisement in Operating System.” If you think that sounds bad, it does get worse.