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FourSquare Sees Massive Growth

February 5, 2010

It seems that location-based social-game affair FourSquare has seen something of a popularity boost in the last two months, with traffic to the service tripling, cementing its position.

For those who haven’t had a chance to give it a go yet, FourSquare isa relatively simple game that allows users to accrue points based on their location. Users can “check in” at a particular location flagged as being nearby based on their current location, as pulled from their phone. Players are awarded points based on their various check-ins, with badges being awarded for specific criteria.



Analysts Predict Android Surge

January 26, 2010

It seems that Google’s mobile operating system, the much vaunted Android, is set to see a tremendous amount of growth in the coming years, with analysts predicting that it will outpace its competitors.

The only thing the little guy is missing is a name... I like to think of him as Android Dave 😉

Indeed, according to a Cnet report, it seems that Google’s Android is currently bringing up the rear a little, when it comes to the mobile OS market, at least. Interestingly enough, it seems that there’s still plenty of love out there for RIM and its BlackBerry line, which currently holds the number two spot, while Apple’s iPhone OS rests at number three.


Nokia Patents Bendy-Phone

January 19, 2010

Nokia has filed a patent for a bendable phone, which bears some resemblance to the concepts it had shown off for its “Morph” design a couple of years back.

Oh dear... I have nanite envy... 😦

While the patent filing, picked up by SlashGear, doesn’t tell us nearly as much as we’d like to know about Nokia’s potential flexible phone, we’re still curious about its applications. The original morph as it was showed off, seemed to boast a flexible display build around a semi-transparent and equally flexible phone (all thanks to the still-pending wonders of nanotechnology). Users were shown snapping the phone around their wrists, at which point the Morph threw up a lock-icon.


Skype to Get More Social?

January 18, 2010

Skype could befit massively from a move to supply VOIP to other social networks, using its vast user base as solid evidence that the service can offer the kind of scale needed.

Indeed, as pointed out by LooseWireBlog, Skype boasts more users than Twitter, Facebook and MySpace combined, which makes it, in an off-beat kind of way, the biggest social networking platform on earth. Still, the fact is that most users have opted to make an account not for the “social networking” side of things, but so that they can make phone calls on the cheap, which is always going to be a big draw.


Pimp My Punctuation

January 18, 2010

Professor Frink’s sarcasm detector is yesterday’s news people, welcome to the dawn of the SarcMark. Available to download for less than $2, the new emoticon is attempting to make sure that no future email or text is misconstrued by people who struggle to understand when you’re being sarcastic.

Yeah, that looks just great... ahem

Now, we’ll freely admit that this sounds like an absolutely nonsensical idea but the emoticon is appearing on news outlets across the globe already and the full stop/curl combo could become an integral part of text and email lexicon yet. The new punctuation mark designed to denote sarcasm may indeed stop confusion for generations to come. Or else it might just sell a few hoodies, but now we think it’s a pretty interesting idea. No seriously, we do.


HTC to Launch Nexus One as Bravo?

January 14, 2010

It seems as though HTC might well be planning to launch Google’s Nexus One smartphone itself through more normal retail channels under the name HTC Bravo.

When Google said that it wasn’t working on a smartphone, many realised that it was cleverly working around the question, since the search giant seems to have had some of HTC’s staff in-house, developing a phone for it. Now though, it seems as though HTC is to market a phone called the HTC Bravo that bears some fairly striking similarities to Google’s Nexus One…


New iPhone Rumours Surface

January 14, 2010

A raft of rumours have been circulated this week about what Apple is planning for its by now annual iPhone announcement in June, and they’re getting very interesting indeed.

While most of the press attention has been focused on Apple’s so-long-rumoured-it’s-presumed-to-be-fact upcoming tablet announcement, it seems that Mashable has found a few bits and pieces about the potential changes we could see to the iPhone that haven’t attracted as much attention as they otherwise might. Most interesting of which is the suggestion that the hardware will be altered, making the back panel behave in a similar fashion to Apple’s Magic Mouse.


Nexus One Has Slow First Week

January 13, 2010

It seems that Google’s Nexus One might not be having quite the massive impact that many predicted it would when it was first announced. Initial reports put the number of devices sold in the first week of availability around the 20,000 mark.

While there aren’t any official figures out yet, the folks at Flurry have compiled a report. Flurry monitors very closely indeed the number of both Android-based smartphones and Apple’s iPhones in circulation, and seems to have arrived to the figure of around 20,000 Nexus Ones in the field fairly quickly and accurately indeed. The word from Flurry is that,


Teardown Reveals Nexus One Guts

January 7, 2010

It was only a matter of time, but it seems that Google’s entry to the smartphone market has already been summarily dismantled and the various bits and pieces subjected to some scrutiny.

iFixit, whose name should be familiar to people who follow the news of new releases in mobile hardware closely enough to want to see hardware stripped down, managed to get its hands on Google’s Nexus One, and promptly strip it down to its component parts.


Skype Reaches Out Through HDTVs

January 6, 2010

Skype has announced today that, as part of a partnership with Panasonic, it wil be adding its voice over internet protocol (VOIP) software to Panasonic’s line of Viera HDTVs.

Panasonic’s new line of Viera cast-enabled tellies is set to hit during the still-vague “2010”, and with Skype coming pre-installed the company will be able to boast free Skype-to-Skype video calling out of the box, which is no mean feat at all. It’ll also be attractive to those who’ve been looking to ditch their house phones but can’t quite get around to it or for some reason or another don’t like the idea of a physical Skype-phone.

In a market with an atmosphere like the current HDTV market, where many products appear (to the casual observer, at least) to be fairly similar, the ability to make calls directly from one TV to another for free could well be a big selling point for the folks at Panasonic, to say nothing of the positive effect that broadening the software’s userbase will have for Skype, which essentially trades on the fact that it’s so widely used and relatively cheap.

Naturally, a wider userbase increases the likelihood that people will use some of Skype’s fee-based services too. While the option to call or videocall other Skype users is a pleasant one, the real bonus is, of course, in the ability to call other phones for less than the normal charge. It might well be a bit of a hard sell for some, but it’s not bad if it’s something that just comes as an add-on for a TV.

We’ll be curious to see how well Panasonic does out of the deal; it certainly won’t hurt the company to be able to offer something that others aren’t though, and cheap phone calls are a big draw.