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Facebook Profile Sees Drunk Driver Imprisoned

February 1, 2010

A dubiously titled Facebook photo has led to the imprisonment of 17-year-old Ashley Sullivan who, thanks to her Facebook photos, was refused “youthful offender” status.

Word comes from BuffaloNews that Sullivan pleaded guilty to”criminally negligent homicide and misdemeanor driving while intoxicated” after a car crash that killed her boyfriend. One month later, Sullivan is reported to have gone to Florida, during which trip she uploaded photos to her Facebook page, fairly simply titled “Drunk in Florida.”



Google Goggles Lets You Search What You See

December 8, 2009

Google has introduced a new product to its Android Market in the form of an app called Google Goggles, which lets users use the camera on their phone to grab an image of something and then use that image to run a search.

Google Goggles is certainly an interesting piece of kit, with the folks at Google immediately warning that it has its limitations, but some of the things it can accomplish within those limitations are very impressive indeed. Of course, the example being cited most commonly seems to be taking a picture of a landmark and having Google take that image and return you a bundle of information about it (the example used by Google is the Golden Gate Bridge), but there are far more interesting things afoot than that.

(more…) Camera Roundup

November 3, 2009

Good afternoon all, we’ve been asked lately about the digital cameras we carry and what we’d recommend for people picking up cameras for anyone who’s getting someone one as a present or just for people to take snaps with over the Christmas block; there’s always lots on that people will wish they had a camera for, so it’s worth being the one with the camera on them.

Anyway, this piece is for those who wanted a little detail on the cameras we carry and which might be best for them to have a look at now that we’re coming into photo-season.

Remember, if you’re the one with the camera, you get to be aggressive with bad pictures of you, but take an open source approach to bad pictures of everyone else 😉

Samsung PL50:

Samsung’s PL50 is a cheerful little device. The black model is probably the best looking, and it shows some signs of the same flare for design that makes Samsung displays and optical drives, though the silver model somehow lacks the same panache.


Click through to see our page for the Samsung PL50 🙂

The PL50 boasts a 10.2MP resolution, 3x opticam zoom and its own 2.7” LCD, which means you won’t be sitting around squinting at photos to hunt out the good ones if you encounter a situation where you need to delete a few photos, whether that’s because of a capacity emergency or a series of botched pictures.

The good news is that the PL50 is both cheap and portable. It weighs in at the 116g mark and measures x 2.2cm x 5.7cm, so it won’t break your back to throw it in a bag or drop it into a jacket pocket. Similarly at €95 it’s not so expensive that it’d be a total tragedy is something were to happen to it (and let’s face it, small cameras tend to lead high-risk lives). It’s also worth noting that it has a lithium-ion battery, something that’s taken a bit longer than many might have expected to really gain traction in the world of digital cameras.

If you’re at all interested, you should check out our product page for the Samsung PL50; it’s a solid camera for anyone looking to just take some snaps over the holidays without cleaning out their bank account. You’ll also need to pick up an SD card or SDHC, since there’s only 9MB of on board memory.