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Sony Considering Charging for PSN

February 4, 2010

It seems that the rumours that Sony was seriously considering implementing a charge for the use of its PlayStation Network service weren’t entirely unfounded. Sony execs have admitted that the idea is an attractive one.

Word comes from IGN of an interview with Sony’s senior vice president of marketing, Peter Dille, who wouldn’t be drawn as to just whether or not Sony had already made a decision on whether or not it would charge for the service yet, but he puts paid to any lingering doubt about Sony wanting to monetise the service current service. If so, it could well be the beginning of a fairly fundamental shift in the console landscape.



Buffalo to Release PS3-Specific Drives

February 3, 2010

It seems that Buffalo is to launch two new drives, specifically made to cater to those of us using Sony’s PlayStation 3 console as a media player, and somehow, it seems an interesting prospect.

TGDaily is carrying word of the two new drives from Buffalo, news of which has hit in the same week as the announcement that Microsoft is to offer a 250GB external drive for sale, initially at least, only in Japan for its Xbox 360. Still, the drives from Buffalo seem a little heavier-duty than Microsoft’s offering, boasting fully 500GB of external storage for the Sony device.


PlayStation 3 Hack Released

January 27, 2010

It seems that the recently revealed hack for Sony’s PlayStation 3 has now been released to the web at large through the medium of the hacker, George “Geohot” Hotz’, blog.

With many questioning the veracity of Hotz’ claim that he had managed to hack the PlayStation 3, or simply to what extent that hack might be useful, it seems that the most sensible move would be to simply release the hack into the wild and see just what the community at large can do with it. Still, it’s well worth keeping in mind that this is the same man who originally managed to hack the iPhone.

Perhaps the most detailed (without being so complex as to be practically incomprehensible) writeup on the first exploit to hit the PS3 has come from, which quickly points out that,


Komplett Recommends – Monitors

January 25, 2010

We’re often asked what display we’d recommend for people looking for a monitor for around a certain price. It’s a relatively easy one to do, but given the sheer number of inquiries we get, we thought some of you might appreciate a blog post that outlines some of the monitors that we really like and think offer excellent value for money at their prices.

We’re going to recommend entry-level monitor, two mid-range and one relatively high-end display. It’s relatively simple, so we’ll get straight into it.

Entry Level:

Whenever someone asks us to recommend a monitor that comes in at as low a price as possible but that they can still rely on to give them a good image reliable, we always recommend the Acer 18.5” LCD.

Click through to see our page for Acer's 18.5-inch LCD 🙂

Considering its genuinely surprisingly low price, it’s a very solid device indeed. At 18.5” and such a low price, it’s not going to be too surprising that it doesn’t quite manage Full HD, but it does boast a maximum output resolution of 1366×768, which isn’t something to turn your nose up at. Moreover, as the name implies, it is a widescreen display, so it’s still an excellent one to plug into a notebook if you’re one for watching movies directly from machines with a smaller screen.

Of course, the one downside is that it only takes VGA as input, so that could well limit your options a little. Still, it’s not too hard to pick up an Xbox 360 to VGA adaptor, and considering the fact that the combination of an adaptor and this display will set you back relatively little, it’s an excellent way to free up the living room TV if you’re living in a house with any avid console gamers. It’s also got a response time of 5ms, which should be plenty fast enough for most gamers.

Acer’s 18.5” Wide display is only €108.55, which has inspired at least one of our readers to pick up no fewer than four of them; it’s an impressive array, though what he thinks to do with four displays I can’t imagine. I’m sure one is permanently sitting on Facebook by now…


PS3 Motion Controller Delayed

January 20, 2010

It seems that Sony will see its PlayStation 3 motion controller delayed until Autumn of this year, after relatively recent reassurances that we’d see it this Spring.

While Sony describes its motion sensitive controller as the “Motion Controller (Tentative Name),” the news of the delay comes alongside some new rumours about the device itself, which it seems could well end up being called the PlayStation Arc, which would certainly help describe the motions to which it might be ascribed. Sony’s CEO, Kaz Hirai, detailed the delay in a statement from Sony, saying that,


Nintendo Wii to get Netflix Support

January 13, 2010

Nintendo is to bring support for Netflix video streaming service to its Wii games console, adding the functionality to the Wii’s web-based lineup.

The move sees Nintendo’s Wii join its various competitors in offering some form of Netflix integration to the console. Indeed, both Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 already offer some form of Netflix integration, so it’s one area in which Nintendo is very much playing catch-up, but it’s still an interesting development from an industry point of view, especially, coming as it does, from the market leader.


Modern Warfare DLC to Hit Xbox First

January 8, 2010

Word has arrived from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that Microsoft has managed to get downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 before other platforms.

According to the report from gaming blog Destructoid, the by now inevitable downloadable content for the record breaking latest entry to the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2, will appear on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 before being made available on either of the other two platforms on which people are playing the game, the PC and Sony’s PlayStation 3.


Project Natal Simplified for Cost Reasons

January 7, 2010

Microsoft’s upcoming motion controller for its Xbox 360 home console is on target for release this year, despite some rumours to the contrary, but the hardware has been scaled back a bit.

Microsoft has been receiving a lot of attention for its Project Natal, which aims to add motion control to the Xbox 360 without users having to actually grip a controller as on both Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 motion control add-on. Now though, word comes via VG247 that Microsoft has cut the processor from the camera that acts as the sensor for Project Natal in an effort to ensure that the device is cheaper at retail.


Xbox Live to Meet Windows Mobile

December 30, 2009

As had been heavily rumoured for literally years now, it looks as though Windows Mobile and Microsoft’s Xbox Live service will finally become intertwined in the coming months.

Word of the integration comes via Engadget, which noticed a job posting over at Microsoft looking for a Principal Program Manager whose responsibilities would include, “Xbox Live enabled games to Windows Mobile,” to say nothing of the laboriously worded, “avatar integration, social interaction, and multi-screen experiences.”


Sony to Ditch Cell for PS4?

December 29, 2009

It seems that Sony is to drop its Cell processor architecture, used in the PlayStation 3, for development of a successor, named aptly enough, the PS4.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 suffered a slow start this console generation, and never quite picked up the same kind of momentum as Nintendo’s Wii or even Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Indeed, much of the blame for this was placed at the feet of the Cell processor, which was said to be giving developers all kinds of headaches that they weren’t seeing with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 architecture, being more similar to a PC.