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Berlusconi Pushing Through Video Content Law

January 25, 2010

When the phrase ‘unprecedented among Western democracies’ is used in a derogatory manner you can usually be certain that it’s a story involving everybody’s favourite perma-tanned, Just for Men fan Silvio Berlusconi. The story in this case centres on the Italian prime minister’s government pushing through new measures that would give the state control over online video content and force anyone who regularly uploads videos to obtain a license from the Ministry of Communications.

Silvio Berlusconi… still working on those self confidence issues…

The news has earned a good deal of scorn from both Google – the owners of YouTube – as well as media commentators across the globe. For instance, Time said this morning, that for Berlusconi, “this isn’t so much an attempt at new media control as it is part of an old story line. The billionaire Prime Minister just happens to own the country’s only major private television network, which critics say is a conflict of interest much more troubling for the country than any of his private dalliances or verbal faux pas.”