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Microsoft Talks Innovation

February 5, 2010

Microsoft is no stranger to criticism, whether justified or not, but it has responded to a recent piece from a former employee, Dick Brass, who essentially alleges that the company’s best work is behind it.

Gloves off, gauntlet thrown down, metaphores mixed

Brass was once Microsoft’s vice president in charge of ClearType and responsible for its ebook and tablet efforts back in the day when Microsoft was one of the very few companies that seemed to be taking the whole affair seriously. In a recent editorial piece for the New York Times, Brass paints a fairly sad picture of Microsoft, describing it by saying that,

“Microsoft has become a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator. Its products are lampooned, often unfairly but sometimes with good reason. Its image has never recovered from the antitrust prosectution of the 1990s.”



O2 Customers Get SMS Twitter

December 18, 2009

Twitter has announced that it has launched its Twitter Text Messaging service in both Ireland and Indonesia today, which implies a kind of alphabetically-based global rollout that probably isn’t happening.

Strangely, we haven’t seen anything from O2 about it, but the Twitter blog is all in a tizzy, telling us that the folks at Twitter are “excited to announce” that 3 Indonesia and O2 Ireland have made Twitter available via SMS to their respective users. The text message service isn’t quite the same as the one currently in place for those using texts to tweet.