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Chrome Creeps Forward in Browser War

February 2, 2010

It seems that the neverending browser war is now seeing Google’s Chrome inch forward, for the second month in a row, though this time it seems to be pinching its users from both Microsoft and Mozilla.

Last time we heard any real news from the browser stakes, it was that Firefox had, however temporarily, managed to claw itself to the top of the pile when it came to the most users on a single version of any one browser, while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer userbase was sploit between IE6, IE7 and the newer IE8. Still, there has been other news of interest, not least of which the fact that Google’s Chrome has been performing quite well, at least according to statistics from Net Applications.



Firefox 3.6 Still Lagging in the Speed Stakes

January 25, 2010

Interesting news over at ComputerWorld where some in-house testing has shown that Mozilla’s new Firefox 3.6 – while 15% faster than its previous incarnation – still lags behind in the speed stakes when compared to Safari or Chrome. had already been pretty damning over the weekend, reporting quite bluntly that “Firefox is still miles behind Google’s Chrome browser in the speed department”.

"Even with the JavaScript speed boost, Firefox 3.6 can't match Safari or Chrome."

Launched last Thursday, 3.6 came in at number three from five Windows browsers tested. According to the ComputerWorld report, “Firefox renders JavaScript three times faster than Opera 10 and more than four times faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). It’s also 14.5% faster than Firefox 3.5, the Mozilla browser that debuted in June 2009, a slightly larger speed increase than Mozilla has claimed. But even with the JavaScript speed boost, Firefox 3.6 can’t match Safari or Chrome. Safari is twice as fast — and Chrome 4.0 nearly twice as fast — as Firefox.”


Bing to Become iPhone Default Search?

January 20, 2010

It seems that Apple is considering moving the default search for its iPhone users from Google to Bing, which is a bit of a surprise.

According to a report in BusinessWeek, Apple is already in talks with Microsoft to replace the default Google search option in its iPhone OS with one that searches through Microsoft’s search engine instead. It’s an interesting prospect, if only because it’s a fairly major shift quite late in the device’s life, but it also says an awful lot about the direction that Apple sees its business going.


Firefox Mobile Launches

January 4, 2010

Despite the back-to-back delays, Firefox Mobile has been released today, cheering owners of Nokia’s N900 immeasurably.

PocketFox is a better name than Firefox Mobile anyway 😉

Originally slated for a release before Christmas, then in the week between Christmas and the beginning of the new year, Mozilla’s first real push into the mobile market comes today, with the release of the first version of Firefox Mobile. For now though, the only devices that actually have any kind of support for Firefox Mobile are Nokia’s N900 and the aging N810 handsets, leaving most of us out in the cold.


Firefox 3.5 World’s Most Used Browser

December 21, 2009

It seems that Firefox’s persistent nagging of users to update to the latest version has resulted in it passing out the various flavours of Internet Explorer. There are now more users on Firefox 3.5 than any other web browser.

It might seem a strange situation, given the fact that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer commands such a massive share of the market, but it seems that the Internet Explorer user base is fractured, being split as it is across IE6, EI7 and IE8 for various reasons. Still, we imagine the folks over at Firefox will be pleased to hear that it’s managed to pip Internet Explorer for the browser Christmas number one.


Firefox Mobile to Spell Death of App Stores?

December 18, 2009

Mozilla has claimed that it feels its upcoming mobile version of its popular Firefox web browser, named, appropriately enough, Firefox Mobile, could well usher in the beginning of the end for shops like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Among my favourite browser logos...

According to a report from PC Pro, Mozilla’s own vice president of mobile, the oft quoted Jay Sullivan, is of the opinion that working with Firefox Mobile and developing what amount to “apps” but simply making them web-based instead will be the future. Indeed, if you’re going by what Sullivan has to say, then markets like the App Store won’t be around long. In his own words,


Google Pushes Chrome to Apple Users

December 18, 2009

Google has started pushing Chrome to Mac users in a big way, going so far as to post an ad for the new service on the main Google page itself if you’re viewing it from an Apple machine.

Google’s browser may well have taken an awfully long time to find its way to Apple’s Mac OSX, but now that it’s there it seems that the search giant is doing everything in its power to get users to move from Safari, Firefox and Opera Mac over to the light-weight Chrome browser. Indeed, this news comes after word was released earlier this week that Chrome had just managed to outpace Safari in terms of browser saturation.


Google Chrome Passes Out Safari

December 16, 2009

Google’s web browser, Chrome, has today passed out Apple’s default browser for Mac OS X, Safari, in terms of global browser use. This puts Google Chrome in third place on the “big five” browsers.

The news comes from Cnet that Chrome has managed to spoil the Safari party; interestingly enough, Chrome managed to edge out Apple’s browser in the same month as it was released for Mac. This means that Apple users who might normally have been using Safari may well have switched over to Google’s browser on the release of the official beta.


IE Users More Likely to Click Ads

December 11, 2009

It seems as though users of Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer, are significantly more likely to click on ads than users of pretty much any other browser you could care to name.

Word comes via TechCrunch of a study undertaken by Chikita, which analysed results from a series of different browsers and operating systems. The fairly interesting result is that users who browse the web from Internet Explorer are, on average, around 40% more likely to click on advertisements than Firefox users, and that gap only gets wider when it comes to Safari and Chrome users who seem far less likely altogether to click on ads.


Microsoft Browser Ballot Nearing Approval

December 8, 2009

Microsoft’s revised plan for a “browser ballot” to allow Windows users to choose which application they’d like to use when browsing the web, rather than simply bundling Internet Explorer, is close to being approved by the European Commission.

According to The Register, Microsoft’s latest changes to the browser ballot screen have been well received – so well, in fact, that it seems the company is soon to receive approval from the European Commission, meaning that they’re fast approaching the browser ballot we’ll actually see in the real world. Of course, not everyone has been best pleased by the manner in which Microsoft’s browser ballot option handles their browsers, with Opera and Mozilla chief among the dissenters.